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May 22nd, 2005

Bookmark Organization: The Follow-Up

Back in January I asked Pingers about organizing bookmarks. I got a few really good ideas, and ultimately decided to break up my stupidly long blog bookmark list.

I chose to divide them into visiting frequency. The categories are “Always,” “Often,” “Sometimes,” and “Occasionally.” As you might guess the frequency of visits descends, so the “Always” blogs are ones I visit daily no matter what; “Often” is every few days; “Sometimes” is maybe once a week, and “Occasionally” is once every few weeks.

The unintended side effect of this is that I actually stay on top of my bookmarks more often. If there’s something in the “Always” folder that I don’t visit all the time, it’s easy to just bump it down a notch or two. And the “Occasionally” folder is really the last stop before blogs are booted off the island. I’ve found that this technique works really, really well for me – I don’t feel intimidated by a 30+ item list.

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