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January 25th, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, the family went and had our picture taken. We sat funny on a carpeted platform, smiled unnaturally, and had the moment frozen in time. Last time we did that was probably four years ago, and only because it was free.

It doesn’t seem to be quite the tradition that it used to be back when we were kids. When was the last time you had your picture professionally taken, either for work, alone, or with the family?

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COD January 25, 2007, 3:27 pm

My wedding, in 1991. I don’t think we’ve ever done a professional family portrait. We took the kids to Sears portrait studio a few times when they were younger, but we gave that up with the advent of digital photography.

Ryan January 25, 2007, 4:24 pm

For the purposes of this Ping, I’m including Sears photo shoots just because they still require explicitly getting dressed up and going somewhere to get your picture taken.

Aanen January 25, 2007, 6:41 pm

High school was the last time I had my photo taken professionally.

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