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January 31st, 2007

Rate the Seasons

Everybody, please order your seasons from favorite to least favorite.


1. Autumn:: The air starts getting chillier, but it’s not so cold you can’t go outside for a walk. The leaves change color, hiking is a lot more fun, and there’s that “fall smell” in the breeze. Also, you’ve gotta love that you can get by without using the A/C or heat.

2. Winter: (Especially when it snows.) I love bundling up to go outside when there’s a strong, cold winter wind and snow is falling to the ground. Accumulations of snow make me very happy, especially when I don’t have anywhere to be and can just hang out inside. While I don’t think I’d enjoy living in an area that got 60 inches of snow each winter, I definitely need more than the paltry single digit amounts we get in Virginia. Cons: cracked hands.

3. Spring: If the winter’s been harsh enough, I’m usually ready for a nice spring day. Cons: you’ve gotta start worrying about the lawn again.

4. Summer: I hate the heat. Sure, I don’t mind a few warm days and I appreciate being outside more, but I just don’t enjoy summer very much.

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Monica January 31, 2007, 4:34 pm

autumnm, winter/spring (tough call between winter snow and spring colors!), summer.
We’ve had snow 3 weekends in a row. When I got up this morning it was zero degrees. The snow’s been really dry, light and fluffy, so it’s been compacted with time down to about 5 inches. The lakes are finally frozen over.
Winter in Wisconsin is cool.
Summer’s good too, it doesn’t get as gross as it does in MD/DC/VA!

COD January 31, 2007, 4:57 pm

Spring – the promise of a new baseball season / comfy temps.

Fall – Football starts, temps moderate after summer

Summer – Heat doesn’t bother me – and it’s horse show season for my daughter. Still light at 9 PM, which makes it so much easier to get stuff done.

Winter – Cold, the truck is always filthy from the muddy leftovers of so called VA winter storms, and daylight is at a premium.

Maria January 31, 2007, 5:42 pm

Spring – Generally nice weather, but not too hot.

Fall – See above.

Summer – Generally nice weather, albeit too hot.

Winter – Especially when it snows. Sorry, Ryan, but Montana sucks in the winter. IMO, of course.

Aanen January 31, 2007, 7:26 pm


I hate the humidity in the south. While I don’t mind winter, I can’t stand it around here. People panic way to much! I’ve seen enough snow to last me a lifetime.

Terry M. February 1, 2007, 3:27 am

Nowadays, in central Texas: 1. Summer, 2. Fall, 3. Spring, 4. Winter

Before, in Oregon: 1. Summer, 2/3/4. Rain Season

Long Ago, in Illinois: 1. Spring, 2. Fall, 3. Winter, 4. Summer

Steve A February 1, 2007, 10:33 am

I’ll take Summer every time. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m on the east coast or west. I’ll take high heat and tolerate humidity if I must.

Fall is just summer past tense, but is made tolerable by those rare 80F days with humidity one can deal with.

I hate Spring rain (2-1/2 years in WA followed by 5 yrs in Scotland will do that to ya).

I despise Winter cold (Scotland, 3 yrs in Upstate NY/Canada, several ‘trips’ to Iceland and the Arctic Circle area). Snow is best viewed on TV or in someone else’s yard.


Paul February 1, 2007, 12:20 pm

Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter. As my dad used to say, “I’d rather sweat than freeze.”

This was timely for me whilst standing on the train platform yesterday, when the wind chill was -8 to -12. Awesome!

Autumn (or “fall”) is just a wonderful time of year. You’ve got holidays around the bend, leaves falling, cooler temperatures… just delightful.

Merle February 2, 2007, 2:43 am

Autumn: nice and breezy, leaves (in some parts of the country) are nice.
Then spring: breezy again and temperate, with some rain.
Then winter: cold as sin, but, well, it’s not hot. Snow and ice can be exceptionally pretty if you are indoors.
Lastly, summer, the time of 1000F temperatures, sweat, and pain. I could easily live without summer.

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