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June 6th, 2007

Plain Coffee Cups

Yesterday I tried out a new, local coffee shop. Overall it was good, but not great, coffee. But I was a little taken back by the cup my drink came in: a plain, white styrofoam cup. No branding. No image. Nothing.

I thought this was a little weird. I took the time to pay $3.35 for a cup of coffee (it was a mocha) and this coffee shop didn’t want anyone else to know I was drinking their coffee. There’s something nice about that, but from a business perspective, there’s no synergy.

We just don’t see plain coffee cups much anymore, what with the Starbucks and the Peets and the Caribous of the world. Just think what a different place this would be if no one knew what brand of coffee anyone else was drinking. Truly, scary.

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Merle June 7, 2007, 12:55 am

Styrofoam for takeout is outlawed where I live, as of the first of this year. Which may be good for the environment, but really bites. Local Chinese places have taken to using flat cardboard boxes, and I ordered a soup from a Vietnamese place that came in a pie pan with a cardboard lid. Yikes!

jk June 7, 2007, 2:58 am

Sleek idea. Or maybe they ran out of their logo cups.

Was it good?

How long has it been since we saw the word “synergy” here?

Paul June 7, 2007, 4:08 am

The coffee was just okay, which was a little disappointing.

I believe we last saw synergy in January:

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