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August 9th, 2007

Floodaphobia Reborn

As you may remember, I have basement floodophobia. A year later, we had a leak in the basement that damaged some boxes, but nothing too terribly. Still, my worry about flooding continued. So I bought something similar to this, a small device that sits on the floor and will beep when it detects as little as a 1/10th of an inch of water.

Last night, though, I walked down into the basement and found that we had another leak, and this one was much worse than before. All around the water heater there was probably 1/2″ of water. And I’d placed the detector right nearby. So why didn’t it go off?

Because the water flooded pretty much every inch of that area of the basement except for where the dectector was. I should have taken a picture — it looked like the water had decided to dance all around it, avoiding specifically that one spot just to drive me freaking insane.

Fortunately, even with the amount of water, the damage was relatively limited. A few books, some paper, some crappy records, but that’s about it (well, a box holding negatives that was supposed to be in a safe but was instead on the ground got a little wet, but the damage appears very minimal, if anything — fingers crossed).

Still. I hate me some flooding, even if it does force me to actually start cleaning up our mess of basement!

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