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November 10th, 2007

Writer’s Strike: Day 4

The writers of The Daily Ping remain on strike. Thus we remain, uh, not writing and farming out our writing duties to LiveJournal users. Enjoy. – Paul

There is Something that has been on my Mind lately. It has been clawing at the back of my Skull like an Insect. Did you see Star Trek Two : The Wrath Of Khan? Of Course you did. Well There Is That One scene… with Chekov when Khan puts the Insect in His Head. That is What This is Like…………….

Have You Ever truly Looked at a Bottle Of Liquid Paper? I am Not Talking about Wite-Out by Bic or anything from Staples. I Purchased a bottle of Liquid Paper from Office Depot last Thursday Evening at Approximately eight Nineteen P.M. and Since Then I have felt like Someone is Watching Me.

I Can not be Sure. But I can Tell You this. This is Strange….

When I Went into the Bathroom this Morning for my Morning Movement I noticed that the Bottle of Liquid paper was Sitting on My Toilet Seat. It was Uncapped. And there was some Spilled on it.

How Did This happen…….


I Believe there is a Government conspiracy Afoot Here. LISTEN TO ME> >> YOUR LIQUID PAPER HAS BEEN infected. It will Tear Into Your Brian when your Not Looking. It hurts my Brian. Please if you have Any of This Liquid Pape rin your house Hold DISPOSE OF IT RIGHT AWAY


You may wish to Forward this to your Family. STAND FREE

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Steve A November 11, 2007, 4:58 pm

Strike baby strike!!! And when you find little Commie writers in your place who’ll eventually try to overthrow Hollyweird and all it stands for, you can say, “I was responsible!”

It’ll be like _Red Dawn_, but different (because they had real writers…)

Leans his head back and emits and evil laugh: BAhhhh ha ha ha haaaahhhhh..


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