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April 12th, 2008

Gold Medal Games

Yesterday Ryan and I were reminiscing about old computer games like HardBall! when I fully recalled one of my favorites on the C64: Gold Medal Games.

I got the game at Child World, undoubtedly, and was also undoubtedly excited about it. I fondly remember doing the sprints and hurdles – one would have to rapidly move the joystick back and forth to simulate running. There was even a digitized voice for the start of the race: “ON YOUR MARK!” “SET!” and if you did a false start, your runner would actually say, “OOPS!”

Gold Medal Games even introduced me to weightlifting (which was hard to control and sucked), archery (in which simulated wind would blow one’s bow around), and diving which inexplicably changed one’s player into a woman. I guess men don’t dive.

All in all, Gold Medal Games was a cut above a typical budget software release, and I’ll probably always remember its theme song.

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