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July 2nd, 2008

AT&T: We Almost Forgot How Cents Work

Yesterday I happened to notice that AT&T released pricing plans for the new iPhone 3G. Bottom line? Expensive.

But when I first saw those plans something stuck out right away. Take a look at the original images now hosted at MacRumors. Do you see it? Do you?

I’ll give a hint: .35 cents is less than 1 cent.

That’s right! Every single one of the values that is shown in cents is shown incorrectly. Verizon made the same mistake in aught-six. I was stunned… as I told Ryan, just imagine how many people had to sign off on that and approve it. All of those people missed it. All of them.

Ah, but there is a happy ending. As of this morning, AT&T’s page is looking sharp. Cents with no decimal point are back. Hopefully the person who fixed it got a nice raise… or a free iPhone.

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