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September 12th, 2008

Voicemail Systems Aren’t That Great

Don’t get me wrong: voicemail itself is fine, just fine. The concept of leaving a voice email (really, that’s all it is) for someone else for perusal at that person’s leisure is a good one.

But the interfaces on these things are horrible remnants of the 1950s, requiring illogical key presses and strange paths.

For instance let’s say I get a message on my phone at work (it has happened once or thrice). In order to get that message, I need to:

  1. Hit the voice mail button (SO PAINFUL)
  2. Dial my extension number, even though I’m calling from my extension
  3. Dial my password, which is always “bosco”
  4. Tell the system I want to listen to messages (dur!) by pressing “2”
  5. Listen to details on the message including who sent it and when; takes 10-15 seconds
  6. Press “0” to play the message
  7. Listen to the actual message
  8. Delete the message, if I like, by pressing *3 (star-D for delete)
  9. Cry over this silly long process

It’s really bad, isn’t it? I had to make a cheatsheet for this because it’s so not as I would expect. In an ideal world, I’d dial voicemail, enter a password, and then get the messages. That’s it. No double-secret confirmations, no wacky-ass “want to listen?” key presses (and come on, “2”? why?) and juuust a little easier deletion.

That’s why I use email.

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