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January 4th, 2009

Cable Not Included

Yesterday we purchased a copy/scan/fax/printer device for our home so we can avoid paying $30 just to fax one large document every three months. The device itself is pretty nice; these things have clearly come a long way and certainly just look better as well.

But one practice of printer manufacturers that I’ve always disliked is the exclusion of a printer cable.

It’s been that way pretty much forever. In the olden days, there was a legitimate excuse: computers may have had different methods of attaching a printer. (I used a parallel cable for something recently and was stunned at how clunky the thing was.) USB, though, won that war and unless you’re using something finicky, old, or specialized that should be about all one needs. So why no cable?

It amounts to a tax on the price of the printer, and that’s not great. Just throw one in, okay?

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