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June 3rd, 2009

The One Where I Act Like a Child Abductor

Last week I was walking our dog in a nearby neighborhood and there were two young girls, maybe 10 and 7, riding their bikes. The younger one came up on a curb and did a total faceplant right in front of me. It looked really painful.

I asked if she was OK and she said “No… I’m bleeding…” I was hesitant to get too close to her because, well, I’m just a strange guy walking through her neighborhood. So I said to her sister, “Did you want to go get your parents? I’ll wait here with her…” She kind of hesitated and then said, unsure, “Um… yeah…” but didn’t leave immediately. She waited a second and then said to her sister, “Are you OK enough to ride home?” She was, and they rode off together.

It was only after they left that I realized…

Holy crap. I had become the creepy old man acting like a child abductor.

So, bravo to the older sister for not abandoning her little sister, leaving her with the weird guy walking a dog.

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