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September 8th, 2009

Coffee and Water

For some time now I’ve known about the power of the combination of ice cream and water. Water just makes everything better after a scoop or two of ice cream. I’m now wondering if water is also a right hook to coffee’s left punch.

I was in Nashville this past weekend. When I visited a coffee shop on Sunday I was asked if I wanted some water to go with my coffee. I declined – the reaction in my head was, “Weird! Weird! New! Can’t handle it!”

Later that day I saw a billboard promoting a coffee and water combo at a local fast food chain: buy a coffee, get a bottle of water for 50 cents.

I wonder if they’re on to something here. In thinking back to my own years of coffee enjoyment, drinking water afterwards has been helpful.

Is this a thing where you live? Is this another powerful combination?

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