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October 30th, 2009

Newspaper Site Comments: Still Hitting High Standards

It’s no secret that I feel that comment sections on newspaper websites are some of the worst parts of the web (outside of the 4chan level-stuff, anyway.) And today… er, tomorrow1… I read an article on the Chicago Tribune’s site which kept up that high standard once again.

The article? A suburb failed to sell a few homes for $1… with the usual catch that the buyer must move the house.

The comment? “Why don’t the d-bag historic preservationsits buy these special homes themselves? Probably because even they know they homes are old and suck.”

“D-bag historic preservationsits [sic].” Yep.

1: That’s right: this Ping actually went out on 10.31.09, joining the tiny count of Pings Ryan and I have missed altogether (I believe there are now 4.)

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