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October 31st, 2009

Great Invention #6712

One recent invention that I like more than most is the half-shopping-cart. Not necessarily the ones they have at whole foods that are carts large enough two hold two baskets, but slightly larger ones that are just big enough to hold groceries from a medium-sized shopping trip but small enough to maneuver easily in even the smallest of aisles.

Today when I grabbed one I thought I might be the only man comfortable enough to use use a dinky cart, but I was wrong. Almost every other small cart in the store was being used by a man. We’ve come a long way, the male gender.

In conclusion: bravo for shopping carts that don’t knock over displays!

(As a related side note, I really, really hate the shopping carts at Wegman’s — the top of the cart is half-size and the bottom is extra large. This really screws with one’s depth perception and makes it much more likely you’ll knock something over. Trust me, because I did. An entire display.)

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