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January 5th, 2010

Dead and Then Not Dead

This morning I fired up a new edition of a podcast and at the beginning, the hosts dedicated the episode to the memory of Zelda Rubenstein. This was saddening to me because not only was Rubenstein one of the highlights of the Poltergeist franchise, her role as a dominating psychic mother in the underrated Anguish is an overlooked performance that tops her better-known efforts, in my opinion.

It was explained on the podcast that late in December, Rubenstein was taken off of life support and wasn’t expected to survive very long.

Except she did.

Apparently, she was taken off of life support on December 29th after suffering kidney and lung failure. But she didn’t die… indeed, “On January 2, 2010, friends reported she was not near death, and was well on her way to recovery.”

Recovery! From lung and kidney failure! After being on life support for a month! That’s a serious will to live right there and, assuming the reporting is correct, my hat’s off to you, Ms. Rubenstein.

(Interesting fact I learned: Zelda Rubenstein was on an episode of Mr. Belvedere titled “Bad Marsha.”)

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