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March 1st, 2010


So, I finally saw Avatar today. And, yes, yes, I saw it in 3D. And, yes, it was pretty cool and 3D is improving, no doubt. But I have just three thoughts to share about 3D in movies:

1. Not every damn movie that comes out needs to be in 3D. The fact there are enough 3D movies coming out to take up the entire set of previews shows there are already too many 3D movies. Most of them the third part in a series (gee, thanks, Friday the 13th, Part III!).

2. Most movies in 3D may look good, but will suffer in other ways. Even in Avatar with a director as talented as James Cameron, there were some really awful performances and sections of the script seemed to exist solely to show off 3D crap.

3. The best parts of Avatar weren’t the scenes where sharp knives or bullets are coming right at the viewers, but the parts where the 3D is so subtle, it’s barely noticeable. This is where it really enhances the moviegoing experience. The whole stuff-coming-at-you thing is neat the first time, but the 50th time, it’s like, “Yeah. We get it.”

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