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May 15th, 2010

The new most hated man in car commercials

Back in 2008, I hated Mr. Opportunity — the annoying ass animated character Honda used to sell cars.

In 2010, there’s someone I hate with much more of a passion. And he’s a real life person, so there is technically the possibility of being able to punch him in the nose during a chance encounter. That person? Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs and total and complete stereotypical middle-aged-guy-who-wants-to-look-cool-so-he-wears-a-baseball-hat.

What is it about him that bothers me? Perhaps it’s because he looks like the guy that would walk out of his house in the morning dressed in that stupid ass hat and say, “Hey, buddy! I’m goin’ fishing today, feel like tagging along?” I don’t like when people call me “buddy,” unless it’s sarcastically and I don’t “tag along.” SO TAKE YOUR FISHING POLE AND SHOVE IT, MIKE ROWE! STOP TRYING TO BE THE COOL DAD! EVERYONE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR RUGGED EXTERIOR!

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