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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

August 11th, 2010

Five Differences between Ryan Now and Ryan from When the Ping Started

  1. Ryan Now doesn’t consume meat, dairy, or eggs. Ryan Then still did, sometimes in quantity.
  2. Ryan Now is looking to cut back his amount of “stuff” (and is having trouble, but…). Ryan Then was seriously addicted to media consumption in the form of physical DVDs and CDs. Ryan Then would get 3-4 packages a week. Ryan Now gets 1-2 packages a month.
  3. Ryan Now has owned a house for ten years. Ryan Then was looking to move out of his apartment.
  4. Ryan Now only maintains a few websites regularly. Ryan Then had close to ten sites he was updating on a regular basis.
  5. Ryan Now runs. Ryan Then had running shoes, but didn’t run.

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