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November 1st, 2000

Lesson Learned: Fly Early

With all that I’d heard about flight delays being the worst they’ve everbeen (especially with United), I wasn’t looking forward to my flight to San Francisco all that much today. However, I guess I’ve found the secret: book an early flight.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 7:20am. I checked my baggage immediately, no wait — there was literally no line at 6:45am. I was on the plane about 10 minutes later and there was almost no one on it. Itwas a 777 and it was maybe 1/7th filled. Nice and quiet. And though theplane left a bit late (8am), it arrived on time.

Now, let’s see if my non-non-stop flight on the way home works as well asthe early non-stop flight did today. -ram

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