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November 1st, 2000

Lesson Learned: Fly Early

With all that I’d heard about flight delays being the worst they’ve everbeen (especially with United), I wasn’t looking forward to my flight to San Francisco all that much today. However, I guess I’ve found the secret: book an early flight.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 7:20am. I checked my baggage immediately, no wait — there was literally no line at 6:45am. I was on the plane about 10 minutes later and there was almost no one on it. Itwas a 777 and it was maybe 1/7th filled. Nice and quiet. And though theplane left a bit late (8am), it arrived on time.

Now, let’s see if my non-non-stop flight on the way home works as well asthe early non-stop flight did today. -ram

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FROM: Tony
DATE: Wednesday November 1, 2000 -- 6:22:23AM
I agree, when I flew to VA, my flight was canceled in Sarasota (overbooking)on a 5 p.m. flight, The next day I was scheduled on a 6:30 a.m flight. about 10 people on a 727 designed for maybe 250. Of course though I voluintarly uprgraded my seat to first class. (so did everyone else.)

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Wednesday November 1, 2000 -- 10:13:13AM
Unfortunately, it is not always feasible to take an early flight. If I have a meeting @ 9 AM in California (which I do often), the only way to really do it is leave the night before, or else I have to spend two days there instead of one.

Incidentally, I haven't been on a flight less than 100% full in at least a year. What's the deal out there in the east coast??

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday November 1, 2000 -- 9:48:16PM
That's all well and good, but I hate having to get up all that early. Planes are the only places I can consitently get any reading done. So, bring on the wait!

FROM: Maria
DATE: Saturday December 9, 2000 -- 2:52:44AM
I got home yesterday 21 hours later than scheduled, after 5 consecutive cancelled flights out of Seattle. I hate flying!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday December 9, 2000 -- 12:42:45PM
Maria -- that's about as bad as things could be! Why were they cancelling flights? Weather?

FROM: Maria
DATE: Saturday December 9, 2000 -- 5:56:15PM
They were cancelled due to fog in Seattle, fog here (Missoula, MT), mechanical problems, no plane available to use due to fog in Seattle, or any combination thereof.
The worst part was that my flight out of Eugene, OR, was delayed 1 hour and 45 mins but instead of making me wait, they put me on another airline's flight which was scheduled to leave in 10 mins, so I couldn't check my bag (that weighed around 65 pounds, I think), and I had to carry it around the airport in Seattle in addition to my other, also heavy, carry on bag.
The only upside to the whole mess was they put me up in a hotel for free and everyone else had to pay. Maybe they took pity on me for being young and alone, but whenever I was around people commenting on the price of the hotel I kept my mouth shut rather than risk starting a riot because I was the only one who didn't have to pay.

FROM: trey
DATE: Friday November 19, 2004 -- 7:08:23 pm
i want to know what happened to wee man, and know one has a proper web site on it. it is really pissing me off. does anyone know where i can go to find out more.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 19, 2004 -- 8:34:39 pm
Trey --

Try www.ineedaf**

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