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October 31st, 2000

Mischief Night

What ever happened to Mischief Night? I remember as a kid, friends would always talk about their parents lettng them go out for this night-before-Halloween rampage of toilet-papering-the-neighborhood (or worse)… I never was allowed out, but always wondered exactly what went on during this bizarre holiday besides TP in trees.

These days, Mischief Night seems to have fallen by the wayside. As a homeowner, I guess I’m kind of happy about that. 🙂 Not a single thing happened last night, nor did it in my previous residence for the two years previous. Do any of our twenty-something readers have any fond memories of this night of legalized vandalizing? -ram

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yooo September 30, 2006, 9:37 pm

um you people are fucked up as shit why the fuck would you burn a cat and how old are you.. im like 12 and we have fucking better shit to do then burn cats? wow you fucking dipshits have no fucking life go fuck your mom you homo

Brit October 27, 2006, 7:43 pm

Yeah my new house (5 months old) got egged last year in 2005, the night before Halloween, so called Mischief night, so I was pretty pissed off that the smashed eggs sat there all night and stunk up the porch, it got all crusty and moldy and it took me forever to clean up the damn mess, if I were ever to get a hold of those kids I will surely make them pay! This time I am going to be on the lookout on Mischief night to make sure this will not happen again!! If I have to stay up all night I will!! LOL I really do not want to clean up the stuff after working so hard and busting my butt and paying for my beautiful house only to be egged!!

gabby October 27, 2006, 9:03 pm

Omg I am 12 and in my town we call it goosy night… and people mostly use toilette paper… shaving cream…and eggs. Everyone only goes out on the day b-4 halloween, and It is illegal so the cops take u down to the police station and your parents have to fu***** bail u out, how fu**** up is that …. i love the felling on goosy night , it’s like your not the same person, u just hide the shy side and RELLY SH?OW THE WILD SIDE !!!!! Wooohohhhhhh!! yea

new yorker October 30, 2006, 9:59 pm

tonights mischief night and the cops DON”T CARE!!! thats right where i live the cops don’t give a rats ass if you destroy other peoples property! they don’t care!!

-New Yorker-

<3 Love You <3

Jacob October 31, 2006, 2:41 am

Around here we call it ‘The Night Of Mischief.” Our neighbors, that moved to California about 2 years ago, told us about it. We continue to do it to carry on the tradition. I just got back from messing with a friend with a high powered lantern through his windows. It was hilarious, but he set his dogs out on me….

Bri October 31, 2006, 4:49 am


Jake November 2, 2006, 2:16 am

we call it missin in yorkshire england and we do it much much better than the yanks prob cause they carnt do anythink there got 21 4 every thing oh yeh stop calling football soccer we inventerd it be 4 your usa football all you american fuckin twats all u care about is having a war n gettin the brits to save u i show 2 finger 2 the lot of ya

FUCK U YANKS r yeh get your own language cause if u dont the football hooligans are comeing 4 all of u

Ryan November 2, 2006, 2:58 am

Apparently there are idiots in England, too!

Vinny A., creator of "The other mischief night page" November 14, 2006, 4:23 pm

I wrote a small blurb in here about 5 years ago saying mischief night is dead, and I still believe it is. Expect for a few(very few) kids who toilet paper the trees and throw a few eggs before the cops come and take the rest away from them, mischief night is still a disgrace. I rode my bike for the past ten years and have not gotten dirty yet. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU KIDS??? I might bring back “The other mischief night page” revamped for one last time to see if I can bring it back to life. But I don’t think there is a chance in hell. Come on, kids, prove me wrong!!! If you would like to see “The other mischief night page again, write to me at and let me know. The more e-mails I get, the better. This is the last chance to bring back a dead 50+ year old tradition…..

I would like to take this global. I had already contact kids from New Zealand, England and Australia and would like to keep it going….

aj January 25, 2007, 11:26 pm

wtf?mischef night is still as great as it’s before.i rememberd tat me and my friends tped and egged alot of houses last year!and it’s not only mischef night u gets to have fun, my friend set a suckers mail box on fire last year and spread crunched patato chips on peples yards .doesn’t anybody live in canada?heck, the cops here dosen’t f*ckin care wat we do!

lin October 30, 2007, 5:27 pm

hey have you guys every tryed using those laser pointers and shine them in to peoples houses on the walls lols i got a few old people freaked out afew people will close there blinds and get annoyed lolz its fun especailly when u get old p[eoples houses lol got a lady walkinhg around her house and staring around for like 20 minutes you can get those little laser pointer from a dollar store for like 2$

JS October 31, 2007, 2:53 pm

Last night I tped trees and bushes,trew water balloons dumpes packing peanuts on someone’s lawn,egged. I also souped my brother’s car and put srawberry suace on the ground to look like blood.Watch out I’ll be back next year.

Vinny A October 28, 2008, 6:28 pm

Well, It’s 2 days to mischief night and it looks like it’s going to be another dud. I had a copy of my webpages hanging in front of a couple of the local high schools (Lyndhurst and Rutherford, in New Jersey) and no one was interested(except someone took the first page only of my webpages, which has 5 pages, and this makes no sense! Why would someone just take the first page?? It has no real info, just a description of what the website is about.). I keep hearing that mischief night is alive and well. Yeah, were the hell is that???? Let me know, will ya, because the kids around here sure as hell don’t know what they are doing!! It’s boring as hell here!! I’ll be doing my bike ride like I do every year, riding around on mischief night. I don’t expect to get hit or see anything that remotely resembles mischief night(It’s been like that now for well over 10 years).
If you want to contact me for a copy of my now defunct webpages, e-mail me at and I will send you the full 5 pages, unedited if you like, or edited out for those of you with less balls then the others. I will let you guys know if anything happens on mischief night(but I doubt it!!).

Pinky October 29, 2008, 11:06 pm

In Bergen county in Bergenfield we called it CABBAGE NIGHT, other towns called it Goosey night. I’d like to hear from any one calling it cabbage night, I get asked why & I don’t remember. after reading all thhe comments I’m amazed at att the names for that night.

R. Paybacks a Bitcht! October 30, 2008, 5:21 pm

I Think You all “SUCK”! What goes around, come around!….I Can only,,,Hope & Pray!!!!!!May You all have kids….that are worse than YOU!!!!!!!!!Then for payback,,,,you can pay the fines…..and get them out of jail the next day,,,,,after maybe being taught a “fine” lesson from the perverts inside, making them wanting “NEVER” to do anything to come back there!!!!!

Ryan October 30, 2008, 5:28 pm

I’m loving the quotes on that last comment.

We all “SUCK”.

Vinny A. October 31, 2008, 2:30 am

Well I wrote a blog 2 days ago saying I was going out on my bike on mischief night. Well, it’s mischief night and I just got in at 9:22 pm. It’s official! Mischief night is now officially dead in Southern Bergen county in New Jersey!! Let me explain:
After fighting with my bike for three hours to try to get the damn thing in shape for my ride (Damn you, K-mart and your cheap-ass bikes), only to find that I need a cable for my back brake. When I went out, the damn tire hit the side of the frame, so there goes my ride. So I decide to take my vehicle around. I drove first through Lyndhurst, snaking through the various streets looking for some kind of action. NONE! Went to Rutherford, then through East Rutherford, Wood-Ridge and Hasbrouck Heights looking for action, but there was none to be found anywhere! Went back to Rutherford to the gay “Safe Night Out” because there used to be some kids with shaving cream and eggs in the parking lot of the bank. All I found was some friggin gay train ride around the lot. This is unbelievable! This is the first year ever that there was no one visible throwing eggs and having fun!! Wow! The many years of police presence and having them swoop down year after year has had a demoralizing efffect on the kids, so much so that they have just given up. Now all they bring out is TP,shaving cream and silly string, and some may have a few eggs. So that’s it. As Mick said to Rocky “It’s over Rock”, and I believe it is. A tradition that is well over 50 years (I actually heard something about people doing some mischief 75 years ago, but you don’t know for sure)has died a gruesome death at the hands of the kids who one treasured the day. So sad! So very, very sad!! There might be a resurgence next year because mischief night comes on a Friday night, but don’t count on it!!

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