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February 8th, 2000

The Dumbest Spam I Ever Received

I get spam. Everyone does. While I have gotten some interesting ones (including one in German last week!), this is my all-time favorite.

Take a look.

EVERYONE LOVES MR. CHICKEN! And you will too. Mr. Chicken will provide your children with hours of fun and enjoyment, they will never get tired of playing with Mr. Chicken. One Mr. Chicken can entertain an entire group of kids, or they can each have their own to play with. Mr. Chicken is safe to use (supervise those under the age of 4) -- -- no small parts to choke on, no sharp edges to poke eyes out, nothing to break windows, and no mess to cleanup. And best of all, Mr. Chicken is inexpensive. You won't need run up your credit card bill or have to take out a second mortgage like you do whenver you go to Toys R US. Kids go wild over Mr. Chicken. I gave one to my 7 yr. old nephew at a birthday party recently, and by the end of the day every child there wanted one. So I made another half dozen Mr. Chickens in a matter of minutes. I called my sister two weeks later, and my nephews were still playing with Mr. Chicken instead of the $50 Toys "R" Us battery operated backhoe I bought them. And the best part of this is, if Mr. Chicken breaks, my sister can easily make another. And so can you. Why spend fifty dollars on an expensive toy that your kids will use for one day then break or toss aside? Get a Mr Chicken for a less than it costs to drive to the toy store. Hundreds of people have sent me $19.95 to show them how to make a Mr Chicken. But why even spend that much? For a limited time, you can send me $8.95 and I'll show you how to make as many as you want for almost nothing! That's right, for less than ten dollars, you can have an unlimited supply of literally the most fun toy around -- Mr. Chicken. Don't delay! Send for your Mr. Chicken today!

This is either a pathetic attempt to get money, or a sock puppet. Or both.

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