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July 27th, 2002

Oreo Cookie Barz

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a display of Oreo Cookie Barz. I picked the box up, saw that each bar had 35% of your daily saturated fat, and put the box right back down. But then, I paused… really, I did… and thought, “I have an obligation to my Ping Family to reports on this new product.” So I bought a box. But I swore I wouldn’t eat more than half a bar a day.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to report. The bar is pretty much what you’d expect, but perhaps a bit crunchier (the white cream is crunchy rather than smooth). It tastes OK, but the bars themselves are rather small, especially considering how much totally un-nutritious stuff is packed into them. The cookie bits on top are a nice touch, though.

While I doubt I’ll be revisiting the Oreo Cookie Barz beyond this box, I will say they’re worth checking out… once.

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Alfredo Calderon March 20, 2007, 8:53 pm

I think they should lower the liscence age because thats not fair, let people crash its their fault but dont punish the people that can thats all folks bye

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