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July 20th, 2000

Apple Lays a Cube

After seeing rumors from AppleInsider dissed left and right about Apple’s supposed new G4 Cube, I expected something else from Apple. The Cube idea to me wasnothing new, because 3 years ago I actually designed a PC case that was… you guessed it… a cube. I designed it with customizable "faceplates", akin to skins or cellphone covers, so you could customize the look of the box.

And now, Apple goes ahead and releases the same damn thing. It’s a good thing I’m a nice guy, because otherwise I’d sue Steve Jobs.

In any event, the Cube is a fine idea. I’m concerned about the execution. A thick plexiglass case? The handle is inside the case and needs to be opened? A slot big enough to lose coins in? I’ll pass. But I know people will love it, just as they did the iMac and the future-cool G4 (which I had massive computer envy over.) Apple’s trying. -pm

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