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August 24th, 2000

The Sitcoms that Time Forgot

These sitcoms that seem to have no recognition and no storied history have been floating in my brain lately:

Out of this World, starring Donna Pescow, Doug McClure (inspiration for Troy!), Buzz Belmondo, and Maureen Flanagan. Maureen played a teen borne of Pescow’s character and the character’s husband. She was thus, half alien, and wacky hijinks ensued. The family talked with the father through a weird, shiny box thing that opened up. [Don’t ask.] She had the magical power of "gleeping" to reverse time, change objects, etc. Amazingly, I found this episode guide – one of the few resources for this short-lived sitcom on the web.

Tattinger’s, a reworked version of some other show that sucked on NBC. A couple was in charge of a bar – named Tattinger’s – and, if memory serves me right, simply interacted with folks who dropped in. I think it was trying to be like Cheers, only pseudo-serious. Which doesn’t work.

704 Hauser. If you recognize the TV address, you’ll know it’s the house of Archie Bunker. CBS tried to, uh, update the show in the late 80s or early 90s. This time, it was a black family living in Archie’s old place but, the wacky cool twist was that the head of the house was just as racist and opinionated as Archie! Ho ho ho! As you can imagine, this laughfest lasted only a few weeks.

Whoops! This was one of the pilot shows on Fox during launch. The premise: there’s been a wacky ol’ nuclear bomb… and in the fallout, only five people (or so) survive! How will they live and reproduce and keep the human race going? Who cares? -pm


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DATE: Thursday August 24, 2000 -- 9:04:12AM
Of the four, I only remember Out of this World. I watched it far too often for how bad it was. Kinda the same thing that happened to me with Small Wonder, another wonderful sitcom from, I think, around the same time. Of course, Maureen Flannigan's cute, so I had an excuse for watching Out of this World...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday August 24, 2000 -- 9:17:06AM
I've never heard of any of those (except perhaps Tattinger's)... one show that I liked that died a pretty quick death actually starred Matthew Perry well before he was a Friend. It was called Boys Will Be Boys for part of it's one-year tenure and Second Chance for the rest of it. It dealt with a guy dying but having to go back to help his younger self make better decisions in life...

An odd sidenote on Matthew Perry that I noticed when checking out the IMDB, he also was in a 1995 video titled Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide. Yikes. (Jennifer Anniston was also in it.)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday August 24, 2000 -- 3:34:25PM
I grew up on bad sitcoms but I've never heard of any of these. This probably means I need to get out of the TV game before it strikes again.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Friday August 25, 2000 -- 12:33:51AM
One show that I loved back in the '80s that nobody I know remembers is Rags To Riches. I think it was only on for one season, maybe two.
It was about 5 orphan girls (originally 6, but one mysteriously disappeared after only a few shows) who had terrible lives until they were adopted by a rich bachelor. This might not have been a sitcom--I remember it being more of a drama, but it was also sort of a musical...characters would sometimes randomly break into song.
I was so upset when it was cancelled!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday August 25, 2000 -- 1:49:10AM
Holy cow, Maria... I totally forgot about that show. I remember I really liked that one...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday August 25, 2000 -- 2:51:47AM
My sister and I used to watch Rags to Riches every week. It was a great show, I also remember it was on about the same time as Misfits of Science, which was another great show.
As far as all the shows that Paul has listed the only real one I recognize is Out of this World. The problem here is I know I used to watch it but I really have no recollection of what it was about and what the characters looked like. I would have to watch an episode to refresh my memory. I also have heard of 704 Hauser, but never saw it.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Friday August 25, 2000 -- 6:31:49AM
Does anyone remember the mid-90's show called "Viper" ? About basically two bad cops with one really cool Dodge Viper.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday August 25, 2000 -- 7:41:03AM
Maria, yep, I remembered Rags to Riches. Every Sunday at 6pm Central on NBC. :) It was somewhat musical-like, you're right.

Tony, I still see Viper on the air! I really didn't like the show, but it was always great to see the Viper car itself (and, of course, seeing other cars blow up.)

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Monday August 28, 2000 -- 5:45:39PM
i can remeber watching Rags to Riches when they had to cut out of it to show us the rescue of baby Jessica, the baby who fell in the well (i hope i'm not the only one who remebers this). i wanted so badly for them to get the baby out, but only because i wanted the show to come back on. i was very young and selfish at the time.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Monday September 11, 2000 -- 6:00:12AM
I'm so glad that someone else remembers Whoops! Actually, I wasn't sure if it was called Whoops! or Oops! and I feel so much better now that I know :) The only thing I really remember about it is that there were 6 people who survived (one because he was in a bank vault and one because they drove a Volvo and "they really are the safest cars ever made." All of them managed to find a farm that was miraculously unharmed.
Does anyone know the name of the show with a blond witch (maybe she was an alien) who moved in with a family to be their housekeeper/babysitter and, of course, hijinks ensued? It would have been on the air for one season somewhere in 88-91. thanks!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday September 11, 2000 -- 7:26:21AM
Molly, I think that was Free Spirit on ABC. Due to the Bewitched Factor, I watched. Nice catch on the farm and Volvo in Whoops! :)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday September 30, 2000 -- 2:15:52AM
It has been brought to my attention that "Get A Life" is now on USA mon-fri at 1:30 pm. This is one of the best tv things I've heard since it went off the air.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Saturday September 30, 2000 -- 8:16:57PM
what was the name of that tv show that had a princess and prince charming, their kids, and the evil step mother/wicked witch? it was supposed to be a fairy tale in the modern world, but i can't remeber the name of it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday September 30, 2000 -- 10:29:58PM
Jack--"The Charmings"

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday October 1, 2000 -- 10:05:16PM
I know this has little to do with the topic at hand, but today I remembered how "Married with Children" had a few episodes with Bo Jackson. Damn, that show never stopped ruling.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday October 2, 2000 -- 1:27:22AM
Holy CRap Rob,
I had forgotten about BO on that show

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 2, 2000 -- 6:52:57PM
Bo knows good comedy.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 9, 2000 -- 11:13:57AM
A mention of "Get a Life" and "Woops" as they somehow to the now late, great "Strangers with Candy".

DATE: Friday April 13, 2001 -- 1:15:03AM
My friends and I have been getting all nostolgic about old sitcoms. Here's a list of our Favs:
Swans Crossing - teen soap. Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it as Sydney
Small Wonder - computer geek dad invents a robot that, for some retarded reason, must be disguised as his daughter. I though the son Jaimee was cute!
KIDS Incorporated - a club where kids perform 80's hits. Jennifer Love Hewitt was in it.
Rags to Riches - Rich guy adopts SIX orphanded girls to improve his image. Set in the 50's. They even have musical numbers! Joy!!!!!
Man, why did they have to cancel them? Now I can't even find episodes.

FROM: Tiff
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 5:44:03PM
anyone remember a sitcom, wasn't on for probably one season or more, it was late 80's to early 90's, and it was set in a bar, and there was one really flamboyant gay guy on the show who hung out in the bar, don't remember anything else about the show but it popped into my mind recently and I will not rest til I find out more about it., HELP

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 6:02:51PM
Tiff... hmmm... the only one I could find was "Fired Up," which was on in the late-90s...

DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 9:56:09AM
Tiff & Ryan: I think the show you might be thinking about was called Brothers, an HBO sitcom from about that time. It was set in a bar in Philadelphia, and chronicled the lives of (surprisingly enough) three brothers of diverse ages and lifestyles. The oldest brother was a burly, macho construction worker, the middle brother was a conservative family man who owned the bar, and the youngest was unemployed and gay -- which was the hingepin of all the comedy. The flamboyantly gay man you're referring to was the youngest brother's friend (I think his name was Donald), and he was not only the comedy relief, but a good oil-and-water contrast to the swaggering manliness of the oldest brother. It was actually a good show, well-written and insightful, with some good ensemble acting. I seem to recall that one of the networks tried this same formula for one of their midseason replacements, but I don't think it got very far beyond the pilot.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 10:51:59AM
"Brothers" actually was a Showtime sitcom. It used to come on before Super Dave on Friday or Saturday nights. My most vivid memory of that show was that the gay brother was always talking about hanging out at a club called the Velvet Spike.

DATE: Friday April 20, 2001 -- 1:25:30PM
Showtime -- that's right. I knew it was some cable station or another. The episode I remember most is where the oldest brother is convinced he must be gay because he's temporarily unable to please his wife, and he asks his youngest brother's friend to help him come out of the closet.

FROM: Jenn
DATE: Saturday April 28, 2001 -- 6:06:39PM
Hey Pistol Jack...I COMPLETELY remember being mad about the show being interrupted for the baby Jessica thing. It was the camping episode! If anyone is interested, I have most of the Rags to Riches series on tape and the two hour original movie from way back when.

FROM: Monaye
DATE: Sunday May 13, 2001 -- 9:01:50AM
I have searched and searched for rags to riches episodes.Someone please let me know if you find out anything on this show.Major childhod memories.Thanks

DATE: Monday May 28, 2001 -- 7:06:59AM
Does anybody remember a sitcom from the 60's called "Hank"? It was on after "Tammy". He was a bumbling milkman. Big money on this one but I have to show proof....Help!

FROM: Larissa
DATE: Tuesday May 29, 2001 -- 2:44:34AM
I have been searching for info on Rags to Riches, but can't find anything. Does anyone know where I could find anything? I loved that show. I can only really remember the original movie. I was pretty young back then. I don't even remember who was in the who except for the little girl who used to be on Just the Ten of Us. I also remember Small Wonder- that was great. Hey, does anyone remember the show Sister Kate, about the kids who lived in an orphanage with the nun? Does anyone remember a show about an angel who lived with a family as their mother?

FROM: Adam
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 7:00:41AM
I remember Sister Kate. That was a pretty good show. Jason Preistly (Brandon, 90210) was in it. On one episode they had Milli Vanilli guest star - they sang "Blame in on the rain."

DATE: Monday October 8, 2001 -- 4:58:06PM
What was the name of the one where part of the action takes place inside the main character's head and four actors play four aspects of his personality? It's "------'s Brain," I'm pretty sure, but I can't remember what the guy's name was. It must have been on Fox, right?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 8, 2001 -- 5:25:39PM
It was "Herman's Head".

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday October 8, 2001 -- 8:32:41PM
Right... and one of the guy's co-workers was the woman who does Lisa Simpson's voice...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday October 8, 2001 -- 10:45:11PM
That would be Yeardly Smith.

FROM: shannon
DATE: Thursday October 18, 2001 -- 2:51:56PM
i remember sister kate. it still comes on on one of those religious channels. i dont think milli vanilli really sang on that episode.

FROM: jamie
DATE: Saturday October 27, 2001 -- 11:08:41PM
oh my gosh you guys...i've been searching for old school stuff forever!!! especially rags to riches....i just found an mp3 of the theme song today and i have one or two episodes on the one where patty finds her mom...but i want to find a website with pictures and stuff...and tapes if there are any...if anybody knows anything please email me!!!

FROM: Dawn
DATE: Tuesday December 11, 2001 -- 12:17:21PM
I LOVED Rags to Riches and Small Wonder-remember that annoying red-headed neighbor girl? Does anyone remember a show called "Nearly Departed"? It was a comedy about a couple who died and haunt the new occupants of their home. I thought it was hilarious, but I was only 10 years old!

FROM: Tery
DATE: Monday April 3, 2006 -- 7:09:32 pm

Anyone remember a sitcom (late '80's/maybe early '90's) about a realty company? There were 4-5 realtors, one was a nasty woman, one "nice" woman (lead in the show) and two guys......I think it was on Fox on Sundays.....

I can't sleep until I remember it (don't-cha just HATE when this happens?)


FROM: Priss.
DATE: Monday April 24, 2006 -- 9:06:28 pm
Does anyone know where I could purchase any tapes or DVDs of the show Brothers???? They must have an arcive someplace where they have them. I loved that show watched it when ever it was on some one please help. thank you.

FROM: Erin Cofield
DATE: Friday May 26, 2006 -- 9:50:25 am
I googled "Rags to Riches" and this came up. After reading, you guys have jogged my memory of numerous other sitcoms and shows from the late 80's early 90's period. Another one I liked was called "Our House"- Chad Allen, Shannen Doherty, Wilford Brimley- great show. Anyway, thanks for the memories. You know what's interesting? We all watched these primetime shows as a family, and now... well, there's not much I'd let my 9 year old watch- and I was 7 when I was wacthing Rags to Riches and the like. Bring back the 80s with it's bad hair and clothes.

FROM: wontingwitch [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 20, 2006 -- 12:48:26 pm
I have turned all of my VHS copies of Rags to Riches into DVDs. They are available on my site.

FROM: Kita
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 12:34:51 am
wow, me and my huscband were just reminising about old shows. i could not remeber out of this world name but i remeber donna ( she was in saturday night fever and on even stevens ) . and whoops i never knew the name of the show & my husband could not remember it at all. i had a knack for watching shows that got cancelled. does anyone remember Homefront , i loved that show kyle chandler was in it . does anyone remeber COP Rocks
or Grand

loved :

herman's head
out of this world
rags to riches ( tisha cambell martin from " martin " was one of the singing orphans )
sister kate

FROM: amanda
DATE: Monday June 26, 2006 -- 8:57:07 pm
does anyone remember a tv show that use to be on abc maybe in the mid 90's it was a family drama about two parents and they might have had seven children (no it's not 7th heaven) two or three of their children were theirs but the others were adopted and of the children was a little boy maybe the age of 2 and as it turned out at the end of the series the little boy was the oldest boy's son but the older boy's parents adopted him and took him on as their own son. i can't for the life of me remember the name and i thought scott bairstow was the oldest boy but i don't think he is. can anyone help please!

Victoria October 18, 2007, 11:59 am

Anyone know the name of the NBC early 90’s show…it was a farm family maybe….it was a mom and her daughter. I remember the shows theme was, “Let me ask a question, who holds the key to your happiness”


Patrick November 9, 2007, 5:06 am

OK, so I have a friend who mentioned a show to me, that I have never heard of. He said it was late 80’s/early 90’s, and it was about a family that lived next to another family, who were all about the fifties. You know, old fashioned and stuff. PLEASE HELP!!!

Maribeth May 11, 2008, 7:04 pm

Family drama, middle son named cooper, at the ending episode the mom and daughter were both pregnant. Only aired one season? ANYBODY have a clue what the sitcom was called?

Alan May 13, 2008, 4:53 am

The sitcom in the real estate office was called Duet.

Patrick August 15, 2008, 6:30 pm

Does anyon remember a FOX sitcom. It was in the early 90s. Kinda like friends, but the intro was of them taking different poses in a photo booth?

Liz September 7, 2008, 12:50 am

OMG some co workers and I started talking about old shows and we could not remember the name of that so, it has been weeks and finally I’ve found it…Out of this world! Can’t wait to tell everyone!

Mariane March 27, 2009, 1:21 am

Does anyone know where I can buy a vhs tape or dvd of sitcom “Sister Kate” which played for one season in 1989, starring Stephanie Beacham? I’ve been searching for about 15 years for them. Thanks for any help you can give.

DuetFan May 24, 2009, 8:29 pm

Does anyone have any episodes of Duet? I have been looking for years with no luck.

rnj1 December 29, 2009, 11:42 pm

Duet was about two single people who meet and start a relationship. The one with the realtors was called Open House. It was great.

Confuzzled March 31, 2010, 1:55 pm

This has been driving me crazy – does anyone remember a sitcom about a balck-and-white show that’s cancelled and moves in next door to a family whose son is obsessed with their show? Whenever the family gets stressed, the mother clicks them back into black and white for relaxation, and she also keeps saying “oh, poo!” The episode where she listens to the divorced mom next door and ruins the turkey dinner for the new boss was amusing.

Dave Walls April 1, 2010, 3:08 am

Random memory here: I remember watching an episode of 704 really wasn’t THAT bad. It certainly wasn’t All In The Family, but what was?

The one joke I remember is: One of the kids (I think the daughter?) is going on a date to a hockey game..the dad’s line? “There’s only gonna be two black things in that stadium: You and the puck.”

That was the level of humor at 704 Hauser.

Nyssa September 12, 2010, 11:08 pm

Hey…I found this site through random Googling.

Anyway, I remember the show Amanda was referring to. It was called “Second Noah” and starred James Marsden.

Lessseriously December 13, 2011, 6:36 pm

I am also trying to remember the name of the family drama where the mother and daughter were pregnant at the same time. The daughter was a soccer star and one of them ends up losing the baby. There was a brother and maybe one other kid. I think someone else also asked about this earlier. The name of the show was also the name of the family on the show, but it was sort of quirky like “The Happy’s” or something silly like that.

Lessseriously December 13, 2011, 7:09 pm

I found it! It was called THE DAYS

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