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September 23rd, 2000


When I’m on the road (which is infrequently), I don’t lose the desire tocheck my e-mail frequently (unless I’m on a beach or something, in whichcase it’s easy). So, in general, I check it via the Web and occasionallyvia telnet.

My favorite web-based mailchecker is Mail2Web, recommended by theever-useful Its generalfunctionality and layout are nice, but what’s even nicer is that it offersthe option of 128-bit encryption. Additionally, they offer News2Web, a web-based Usenet readerthat I have not yet tried.

Has anyone else found any other particularly useful options for checkinge-mail remotely? -ram

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DATE: Saturday September 23, 2000 -- 9:49:54AM
My ISP provides the ability to check my e-mail on the web already, so... I just use that. :P

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday September 23, 2000 -- 10:43:12AM
Ryan, do you like this better than uReach?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday September 23, 2000 -- 12:05:34AM
Paul -- I pretty much Ureach for it's fax/voice mail features... I've never really used it for checking my e-mail. Not a bad thought... but Mail2Web doesn't actually store anything on their server, which is nice for periodic e-mail checking... seems like Ureach would be a good option for daily checking... or maybe I'm just making things up. :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday September 23, 2000 -- 4:43:14PM
I think you're making things up.

In seriousness, I use uReach daily while I'm at work - it's just plain easier than telnetting in (probably safer, too.) The fax feature is a great bonus; I don't use the voicemail.

Nevertheless, Mail2Web looks nice and speedy.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:48:01 pm

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:48:02 pm

FROM: wirelessadmin
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 2:30:01 pm is fast and friendly and it doesnt need to do a complete download of your email, it just opens the email you click on.

I have used and is fast supports gmail and hotmail as well and supports SSL
secure login and is very easy to use and fast. supports secure login, supports almost any mail server, however im not sure about hotmail or yahoo, ive never tried. This is fast and friendly as well.

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