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September 24th, 2000

Surge Protectors & Fargo

As I’m wont to do, I have an amazon order on deck. It involves a book and nothing else – yet. I realized that I wanted to get a surge protector with coax cable protection and, since the order wasn’t yet completed, I figured I’d check amazon first.

So, I did the usual search for "surge protector" and found quite a few items… plus an icon in the corner prompting me to "View this item in our Search Explorer". I was game, so I clicked. The Search Explorer somehow does "products by association" and gets a list of products deemed similar to the one you’re looking at. Here are the items from a particular Monster Cable Surge Protector:

  • other surge protectors
  • Netgear PCI Network Card
  • Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
  • Case Logic Camcorder Bag
  • The Woody Allen Collection DVD
  • Fargo VHS
  • Sting’s Brand New Day
  • Hickory Wind by Ben Fong-Torres

I’ve heard of fuzzy logic before, but this is ridiculous. -pm

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