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November 5th, 2000

A Vietnamese Ghost Story

When I was in Vietnam a couple of years back, I had one of the more bizarre experiences of my life. One night I awoke to someone shaking me. My eyes were hazy and all I saw was an outline of a man, about my height. He was pointing upstairs, where the closest bathroom was. At that point, I felt pains in my stomach and realized I needed to use the facilities. I started to head out of my bedroom when the figure motioned for me to take TP with me (I kept it in my room and brought it with me as needed). I grabbed the TP and headed upstairs as the figure stayed near the door to my bedroom.

As I was upstairs in the bathroom I thought to myself, “Who the hell was that?” I had initially thought it was one of Huyen’s older cousins that we were staying with, but I realized that not only was it 3 in the morning, but that the bedroom was locked from the inside and I remembered having to unlock it when I left the room. I was mildly shook up and a bit confused, but passed it off as a bizarre hallucination brought on by my stomach cramps.

The next day I mentioned it to the family, and they all thought that it was “Grandpa’s ghost” coming to help me (the Vietnamese place a lot of importance on ancestor worship, no matter their religion). I wonder… -ram

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natasha September 21, 2006, 7:07 pm

That was pretty freaky. Something similar happened to me to just like that except for the TP and the bathroom thing. But yah don’t you hate it when that happens. JK.

Jeffrey Thomas December 30, 2011, 12:25 pm

How weird! My wife is Vietnamese, and had a similar experience of a ghost waking her up (she swears) to find she very badly needed to use the toilet…though this occurred in our home in Massachusetts (where she and I and other family members had numerous ghostly experiences).

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