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November 11th, 2000

Growing Up on PCs

It’s amazing to think what the youngest generation is going to growup like. My neice is 2 1/2 years old and in less than a month, she’staught herself how to start up the computer, start a particular game, anduse it. As recently a four weeks ago, she was still having trouble withthe mouse, but now that she’s made that connection, she’sunstoppable. And, get this, she can properly shut down Windows. She’sofficially surpassed my dad with her computer knowledge.

Of course, my question is: when will she post her first Pingresponse? -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday November 11, 2000 -- -8:43:59PM
I will respond in her place until that time comes.

DATE: Saturday November 11, 2000 -- -4:38:05PM
And I'll take over responding for Robert.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday November 11, 2000 -- 2:21:44PM
I certainly won't let my chidren waste their outdoor play time on the computer. This generation is lazy.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday November 11, 2000 -- 4:33:03PM
Rob--The job is yours, but be prepared. Being as stupid as I am does not come easily to most.

Matt--You're totally right. Outdoor playtime should be spent with a Gameboy.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday November 12, 2000 -- -12:47:45PM
Without outdoor playtime how would my friends and I have been able to discover porno mags and bb-guns stashed at the playground?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday November 12, 2000 -- 11:01:30PM
Matt--That's incredible! I found two copies of Playboy once when I was working at Giant, but I was already 18 so it didn't matter for much.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday November 13, 2000 -- 1:49:05AM
There's a balance that can be struck between outdoor time and computer time... unfortuantely, I, personally, tip the scales the wrong way...

anne August 27, 2007, 12:16 am

thats one nerdy baby ill tell u wat man!! lol!!

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