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January 19th, 2001

Card Sharks Drinking Game

Consider this a sequel to the original Card Sharks Ping.

There are entire pages devoted to TV and movie drinking games. So here’s my own creation: the Card Sharks Drinking Game.

Take one drink if…

  • Jim Perry comments on Janice’s outfit
  • Jim Perry says, “Oh, OK, now listen to this…” before reading a question
  • The survey is of “100 prison inmates”; extra drink if Jim Perry adds, “These are people currently serving time in San Quinton State Prison.”
  • The survey is of “100 feminists”; extra drink if Jim Perry adds, “These are women that belong to the National Organization for Women.”
  • Jim Perry refers to the audience as “Friends”
  • One of the contestants is wearing clothes that are painfully 80’s in style
  • One of the contestants says “Well, these days”, “Nowadays”, or something similar
  • One of the contestants mentions “Women’s Lib”
  • A contestant calls “lower” on a 7 or “higher” on a 9.
  • A contestant accidentally says “higher” on an Ace or “lower” on a 2.
  • Jim Perry or Janice drop a card.
  • One of the contestants makes a sweeping generalization about “Japanese culture.”
Take two drinks if…
  • Jim Perry says “Jacks scare me.”
  • The censors drop the audio when someone says “God.”
  • Both of the contestants are wearing clothes that are painfully 80’s in style.
  • One of the contestants says “Nowadays, with Women’s Lib…”
  • A contestant calls “lower” on a card 6 or below or “higher” on a card 10 or above.
  • The survey is of 100 people who own pigs as pets.
  • Part of the machinery malfunctions (microphone excluded).
Drink the whole damn bottle if…
  • A contestant wins $28,800 at the Big Money Cards.
Sure, I don’t drink, but this type of thing needed to be done. 🙂 And though it may sound like I’m making fun of the show, nothing could be further from the truth — this is just a tribute to all the interesting quirks that made Card Sharks such an entertaining game show. -ram

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cjvarner January 14, 2008, 9:26 pm


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