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January 26th, 2001

A miracle in web design

Normally I wouldn’t toot my own horn. And I’m not about to; I’ll toot Ryan’s instead (with his kind permission.) His site,, has been redesigned for the first time since Hawaii and Alaska were admitted to the Union. Yes, the last time it was redesigned, the Internet was a gleam in the eyes of no one. It’s been so long that Ryan hadn’t even appeared on TV yet.

Yes, it’s worth checking out. The new look is clean, modern, and worth your time. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 9:15:03AM
Why thank you, Paul. :) I think the last time I did a redesign was when Ford was president.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 12:10:26PM
I think I was in diapers when you pulled off the last redesign. Make that: it was the first time I was in diapers.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 26, 2001 -- 12:41:41PM
I think the last time you redesigned the site I was eating Sizzleine and drinking Brim and watching the Snorks.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday January 27, 2001 -- 12:30:37AM
The new look is clean, modern, and worth your time.

Yes, but wasn't it always worth our time? :)

FROM: T.S. Murphy
DATE: Saturday January 27, 2001 -- 12:57:40AM
My only suggestion to Ryan is to upgrade the 'best music you've never heard before' section to go a little heavier on the 'never heard before' part. John Zorn is one of the two or three most celebrated figures in new music, Goblin is known by any Italian progrock fan, and Eubie Blake is just plain famous. There might be a few obscure ones in there, but they're the minority. :-)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday January 27, 2001 -- 9:04:03PM
I agree, Mr Murphy. Ryan should do a profile on Anal Cunt side projects.

I want to give up props to Old Fezziwig on his new site redesign. That Sam Adams picture made me laugh out loud.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday January 27, 2001 -- 9:33:51PM
Terry -- I guess the "never heard" is in reference to those more interested in mainstream music. Who knows if I'll ever even relaunch that mailing list... I may, as I have a number of definite unknowns to feature. In any event, it hasn't been touched in almost two years. :) That might make it worthy to hit the "old and dusty" section soon.

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