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January 25th, 2001

Guilty. No, innocent. No, guilty.

This morning on the drive into work, I heard Howard Stern mention a case that really baffled me. I tried to find any sort of report about it on the web, but to no avail.

Apparently, a man was convicted of murder at age 19. Now in his mid-40’s, this man was recently proven innocent of the crime he was convicted of 25 years ago (thanks to DNA evidence).

But guess what? He’s still in jail. Why, you ask?

Because he tried to escape three separate times.

His wife is currently trying to get him out of jail, arguing that its unfair that he’s being punished for trying to escape what was later proven to be false imprisonment. And I’d say she has a rock solid argument. I’m still trying to figure out how anyone could argue otherwise.

First of all, the justice system failed this man and stole 25 years away from his life. And then it has the gall to slap him in the face by keeping him in jail because he tried to escape prison? Only in America.

The next question that arises is why was President Clinton so busy pardoning people like Marc Rich (who screwed the goverment out of between $48 million and $150 million, and yet, hasn’t served a minute of punishment for his crime) instead of this man? -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 12:14:59AM
The reason Clinton was busy pardoning so many criminals was because he was the biggest criminal and least morally fit person to ever run this country. He basically freed everyone that dicked the rest of us over since he's taken office. That guy really needs a serious ass beating

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 8:49:24AM
I'm a little more concerned about you actually admitting that you listen to Howard Stern.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 9:31:51AM
Tina -- Only for 15 minutes when I drive into work... and only if he's actually talking about something that doesn't bore me (something Stern seems to be doing more and more as time goes on). :)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 12:19:34PM
I still won't let Stern down for the comments he made during the high school shooting in Colorado. He said something to the extent to the boys should have raped the girls before the shot them.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 12:47:04PM
Matt--Did you actually hear that? I know Stern is out to shock but he definitely isn't stupid.

Tina--I will admit freely and willingly that I listen to Stern when I drive to work and on days off. He runs, easily, the most entertaining show on radio. It's actually better than his TV show. Ryan, don't let the self-appointed "Taste Police" get you down! And if you want to talk about boring, how about Don and Mike? I was an advid listener when I was younger. Now, I'd rather listen to a CD I've heard a thousand times before than most of what they have to say (which is 90% bitching). I could never say that about Stern.

Back to the original topic--It seems like adding more years to his guy's sentence is something akin to convicting him of the initial crime again and again. And since that was overturned, why not just let the guy go? Hell, if he could figure out how to bust out of that place three times, he might have some marketable skills in the law-abiding world.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 2:30:26PM
Robert -- Actually I like D&M more than I do Stern...

Matt -- As far as Stern's comment about Columbine, it was stupid, but taken somewhat out of context. He had said that he was surprised they just went in and killed their classmates -- he thought that they would have raped students before killing them in an attempt to "get something out of it." He wasn't saying that they SHOULD HAVE done that before they killed everybody, but that he was surprised they didn't. I certainly wouldn't have said it how he did, but the way it was reported in the media left a lot out.

And back to the topic -- I agree, Robert... even if you argue that "trying to escape was wrong!" it would be hard to argue that he hasn't already served enough time for that, considering his initial incarceration shouldn't have happened in the first place.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday January 25, 2001 -- 10:06:50PM
Ryan--I like S&M more than . . . uh oh, I've said too much.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday January 29, 2001 -- 9:50:48AM
Let's have a "Stern" Ping...get it all out in the open.

I used to listen to Howard Stern religiously for 6 months. After a while, his schtick really started to grate on my nerves. "Oh, baby, naked lesbians with fake boobs! Too bad I'm married or I would take advantage of you!" etc etc. It was funny the first time, but after the 80 millionth joke about fake boobs and lesbians, I had to turn it off. He was really funny sometimes, but those moments were few and far between.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday January 29, 2001 -- 9:56:43AM
Yeah, Stern is interesting when he doesn't fall into a rut. Don't get me wrong -- I respect him and all talk radio people, because it's not an easy thing to be interesting for five hours a day five days a week. But things like today, when there was a $100,000 hand of blackjack played live from Las Vegas -- that's a little more interesting than the same old "I want a boobjob" guest.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday January 29, 2001 -- 12:04:42PM
I can agree with all the boobs and lesbian talk being boring. That's precisely why I don't go out of my way to watch the TV show. It tends to filter out everything interesting in favor of the T&A crapola.

FROM: alicia
DATE: Monday April 16, 2001 -- 10:22:43PM
I can't believe you people don't have anything to talk about besides Stern. The issue brought up is more important.

Ryan- No. He shoule not be in prison. If anything they should let him out on probation if they want to convict him of escaping.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 1:34:14PM
Is there any kind of update on this story?

Also, how long do you think it will be before Stern gets married again? (Yes, that is a sarcastic question.)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 2:20:14PM
You know, Robert, I don't know. I've done a quick check on, but since I didn't catch a name for the guy, it's a bit hard.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 17, 2001 -- 11:27:26PM
Robert -- I heard back from a woman at Truth In Justice:

That sounds like Michael Pardue in Alabama. He was finally released this past February. You can get background on his case and updates on what he and his wife are up at at Michael's wife Becky took a leadership role in working to free ALL wrongfully convicted persons, so we expect both she and Michael will continue that work.

I'm happy to hear that he beat the system after they system beat him down for 28 (not 25, like I had thought) straight years.

FROM: Dr. Andreas van Almsick
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 11:44:41AM
It was of course the case of my friend Michael Pardue. Becky told me about the Howart Stern show and I have seen all the comments in the guestbook of his webpage ( I have visited Mike last year in prison and I am looking forward to seeing him again in September this year. But this time in freedom! It is a wonderful feeling to know people like Mike and his wonderful wife Becky, to know how happy they now are and to know that you could be a little bit helpful. However, I am not very amused about this stupid probation and it is still a long way for real justic.

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