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January 25th, 2001

Guilty. No, innocent. No, guilty.

This morning on the drive into work, I heard Howard Stern mention a case that really baffled me. I tried to find any sort of report about it on the web, but to no avail.

Apparently, a man was convicted of murder at age 19. Now in his mid-40’s, this man was recently proven innocent of the crime he was convicted of 25 years ago (thanks to DNA evidence).

But guess what? He’s still in jail. Why, you ask?

Because he tried to escape three separate times.

His wife is currently trying to get him out of jail, arguing that its unfair that he’s being punished for trying to escape what was later proven to be false imprisonment. And I’d say she has a rock solid argument. I’m still trying to figure out how anyone could argue otherwise.

First of all, the justice system failed this man and stole 25 years away from his life. And then it has the gall to slap him in the face by keeping him in jail because he tried to escape prison? Only in America.

The next question that arises is why was President Clinton so busy pardoning people like Marc Rich (who screwed the goverment out of between $48 million and $150 million, and yet, hasn’t served a minute of punishment for his crime) instead of this man? -ram

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