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June 1st, 2001

Blender Parts

Huyen and I inherited a nice, old-school Waring blender recently. The only thing it’s missing is the little rubber gasket that goes inside to prevent leaking. Simple, right? You’d think so.

I tried finding one locally, with absolutely zero luck. I found one online for a mere 95 cents, but there’s something morally wrong about paying five times more than the product costs for shipping.

I finally found a place in northern VA that might have it, but they are a good 45 minutes away. The money spent on gas would end up being almost as much as shipping from the above store.

It would be nice if Waring had a web site (I’m pretty sure they’re still around), since this is the type of thing the manufacturer might just sent you for free. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday June 1, 2001 -- 9:34:19AM
You should paint one on with liquid latex. Then you'd have a fetish-ready blender. Then, just image the things you could puree!

FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday June 1, 2001 -- 12:20:23PM
just buy a new blender :)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday June 1, 2001 -- 1:47:25PM
No reason to buy a new blender (though if I did, I like Vitamix...) for a 95 cent part! :)

Robert -- Too many people injure themselves pureeing body parts as it is. I don't want to add to the number.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday June 1, 2001 -- 2:17:32PM
Nice to see the picture. It's golden!

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday June 2, 2001 -- 12:32:19AM
Ryan, if the number of hours you spent looking for the part, multiplied by your hourly wage, exceeds the value of the blender, then you would have been better off buying a new blender. :-)

Actually, somehow the movers lost one of the parts to my blender (the blade). So, I went out and bought the same model, so if ANOTHER part gets lost or fails, I have a replacement on hand. :-)

DATE: Sunday October 14, 2001 -- 8:50:43PM
You didn't look hard enough. Goto

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday October 14, 2001 -- 10:58:50PM
Well, gosh darn, DC -- thanks! I don't know how I could have missed that, but I swear it didn't show up when I was searching back in June. Weird.

FROM: Steve
DATE: Sunday January 6, 2002 -- 9:49:34 pm
Thanks from me also DC. I couldn't find in a search either!

DATE: Saturday December 14, 2002 -- 11:10:04 am

DATE: Thursday March 6, 2003 -- 6:55:06 pm

We are looking to purchase blender components.

Jars (canister) 60 oz or larger, plastic, with tid, blade assemblys and rubber gaskets. We would prefer oster compatible components.

Initially we would like to buy them in lost of 6 - 12 unit and if every thing goes on schedule 50 - 100 at a time there after.

Can you help us with a bulk purchase price.

Thank you for your assistance

John Wilson
The Party Starter
(519) 750-1124

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:23:25 pm

FROM: Lynda
DATE: Saturday June 4, 2005 -- 8:41:28 am
I have two blenders needing parts and haven't found anything online so far. I need the blade, or really the underneath part of the blade, the part that makes it spin, for these two blenders:
Westinghouse Lectrix Intelliblend
Item No 0101
Pillsbury 10 Speed Blender
Model PB-2110
Any ideas?

FROM: Cynthia Kettl
DATE: Wednesday July 13, 2005 -- 12:31:39 pm
Nice to see the picture. I'll go you one better. I had one of these and it finally quit about a year ago. I have another one with 14 cutting speeds that was purchased about the same time, in the late 1960's. It still runs as if it was new and I'm looking for jar seals. I have a new blender, but I enjoy using this one. It has always been dependable and I'm wondering how much longer it'll keep going. The model numer is 11-299.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday July 13, 2005 -- 12:56:04 pm
Do you need new parts because your blender is Waring out?

No, please, neither laugh nor groan. Just ignore it. It's a disease. I annoy myself with such puns, yet I can't help myself. My brain must do it.

Stupid brain.

FROM: Brian Paddock
DATE: Wednesday September 21, 2005 -- 1:20:22 pm
Waring Blender marked "M" and "Model 11-299" on foil label on bottom. I need a blade assembly and gasket and a lid for the cloverleaf style jar. TotalVac doesn't seem to have parts for a blender this old. Applicance fix-it website is hinky and won't take my e-mail inquiry. Ideas?

FROM: venessa
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2006 -- 2:48:02 pm
Quit being such a tight wad and go to walmart. spare your kitchen the eye sore that this blender is creating. BTW my friend's boyfriend has this exact blender and we were joking about how ugly it is and we reallized how we can get him to get rid of it; throw away the latex gasket!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2006 -- 3:20:25 pm
Quit being such a tight wad [sic] and go to walmart [sic].

Those two things aren't mutually exclusive.

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