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August 14th, 2001

Slip of the Lip

[This is Ryan filling in for Paul, while he’s out doing his thang.]

So yesterday I had an initial consultation with a new doctor (noteworthy because it was my first doctor’s appointment in over three years). Everything went well… it’s a newly remodeled office (just completed last week) and the staff was quite nice. The visit was pretty uneventful aside from a slip of the lip on my part.

As I was describing a couple of symptoms to the doctor, I was trying to say, “… but I don’t experience any shortness of breath.” Instead, it came out, “… but I don’t experience any shortness of breasts. Breasts… *nervous laughter*… I meant ‘breath.'” And to top it off, my doctor is female.

Oops. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 9:06:21AM
It must have been nippley in there.

DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 9:06:26AM
Wow, Ryan. You even managed to LOOK like Paul today.

As for your doctor's visit... smooth, buddy... REAL smooth...

DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 12:56:35PM
I thought stuff like that only happened in sitcoms. Hee...poor thing.

DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 2:37:51PM
Too bad you weren't in a porn film. A slip of the tongue like that might've gotten you somewhere.

DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 3:57:49PM
I'm still disturbed seeing Paul's picture on a Ryan ping.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday August 14, 2001 -- 4:06:28PM
It's happened a few times before, Rob.

DATE: Wednesday August 15, 2001 -- 9:20:45AM
I guess I've just repressed those memories. Every time it happens, it makes it harder to forget.

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday August 19, 2001 -- 9:32:31PM
At least you didn't openly hit on her, like my friend did when he got doped up to have his wisdom teeth removed.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:33:48 pm

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