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August 16th, 2001

Single Serve Sour Cream

One of my favorite dinners to make? Tacos. We’re talking tacos with fake meat, of course, be it from Fantastic Foods or simply Boca Crumbles with the usual taco seasoning. But I enjoy them. There’s a serious problem with making tacos for dinner, however: sour cream.

I like sour cream on tacos. I like it on nachos. I like it on a bus, and I like it with my friend Gus. But there’s a huge flaw in sour cream today: the tubs are just too damn big. If I buy a small tub of sour cream, I’ll use maybe a few tablespoonfuls, and then the rest will sit. I like tacos a lot, but not so much that I’ll actually use an entire tub’s worth before it expires.

The solution? Single servings of sour cream. You can buy a four- or six- pack, if you wish, but it’s just enough to get a few dollops of sour cream goodness onto your favorite foodstuffs. This way, there’s a lot less waste, and everyone’s happy. -pm

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FROM: Maria
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 12:17:53AM
They exist, I know--they're the things you get when you order a baked potato at a fast food restaurant. They come in tiny tubs or small-ish tubes. I wonder if you can buy them outside of the fast food industry though. Maybe in a bulk, restaurant-supply type place like Costco/Sam's/etc. Or just go to Wendy's and stock up.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 9:05:49AM
How is this different from single-serving slices of peanut butter?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 9:13:31AM
Peanut butter doesn't have a very fast expiration date, for one. For two, I'm not in a hurry (as is the case with the PB slices) - I simply want something that won't go bad on me in a few days' time.

For three, peanut butter on tacos? Ewwww.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 10:21:25AM
You know, Paul, I agree with that idea. I never end up wasting all that much sour cream, but there's always at least some in there that goes bad.

Along the same lines, I'd like to see smaller amounts of fresh herbs available in supermarkets. Currently, you can buy a package of any given herb, but it's so much that 90% of it goes bad, even if you cook with it every meal for a week. I'd rather just be able to buy a tiny batch for 25 cents rather than a package that will go bad for 99 cents.

DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 11:01:48AM
The solution is obvious: you need to eat more sour cream.

FROM: liz
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 11:28:40AM
did i ever tell you the boca burger factory is in the town where i grew up?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 11:40:35AM
Liz, can you hook us up with free samples? I love their fake smoked sausages.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 12:49:18PM
Currently, you can buy a package of any given herb, but it's so much that 90% of it goes bad, even if you cook with it every meal for a week.

Ryan--Vanilla Ice would be happy to take that extra herb off your hands. Remember "Roll 'em Up"?

DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 3:33:34PM
Just read a book review tangentially relevant to this discussion:

The Intimate Vegetarian is a veggie cookbook aimed at singles and couples. "There's always the quandary of what to do with that half-can of refried beans or nearly-full bunch of fresh basil. Mair, author of the 1989 cookbook 'Simply Vegetarian!' addresses these and many other issues in her thorough, thoughtful book."

I don't even cook, and I'm thinking of getting a copy.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 5:44:07PM
As a vegan, I might suggest trying tofu based fake sour cream.
Tofutti makes excellent "sour cream" which comes in a relatively small
container and stays fresh considerably longer than regular sour cream.
By utilizing this product you will be able to purchase a larger container so
the "sour cream" will be on hand when you need it, and you will also not
be contributing to the dairy industry. Of course this last benefit might
not apply depending upon your reasons for vegetarianism.

DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 7:21:08PM
Okay, just how many Pingers are vegetarians or vegans? We seem to have an awfully high percentage.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday August 17, 2001 -- 7:18:30AM
I don't know about other places, but the tofu-based sour cream and cream cheese is nowhere to be found in our regular supermarkets in NoVA, which is odd since most of them are well stocked with soy-based alternatives.

FROM: Emily
DATE: Tuesday August 21, 2001 -- 3:06:31AM
I have to admit that I have a real weakness for sour cream and disgusting tough it may seem have never found eating it all a problem. Not eating it is neat to imposible. Toronto is also high on soy and low on Tofu made products. My grandfather was telling me about some really good Tofu ice cream that I cannot find here. I think it was Toffuti as well.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 21, 2001 -- 9:44:01AM
Next time I need sour cream, I'm going to try the soy-based kind (it probably wouldn't go bad as quickly) and I've been impressed with soy-based cream cheese thusfar.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday September 15, 2001 -- 12:37:46AM
I've finally tried the Tofutti non-dairy sour cream. It's not as convincing as the faux cream cheese, but it's still quite good.

And I will second Scott's comments: it does stay good a lot longer. This would be ideal for you, Paul. I asked the woman at the health food store, and she said that even when it's open, it should be good until the "use by" date, which is several months away.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Saturday September 15, 2001 -- 11:26:23AM
I really like the Tofutti sour cream. It was recently on sale here in Richmond for $1.50. It was a happy day in our house. While it does last until the "use by" date it is so yummy it never lasts until then around here.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:34:19 pm

syd March 26, 2007, 4:04 am

it is great to eat when you are hungry

Jaide October 18, 2007, 3:33 am

Just pick up a package of McCormick french onion dip mix and a bag of chips to turn the leftover sour cream into a yummy snack of chips & dip!

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