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September 4th, 2001

The End of the World

Paul (l) and Ryan (r)

It has happened. On August 31, 2001, I met Ryan for the first time, and attended his wedding on the following day. The picture above is from the wedding – where I also met the Pingers from Virginia!

It’s been over ten years since Ryan and I first communicated via GEnie, and it’s really great to know that he is in fact a real person (now, a real person with a wife!) The world may resume at a later date. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday September 3, 2001 -- 11:39:04PM
It was a surreal experience, that's for sure. :)

Paul deserves special recognition for travelling from Chicago, as does Pinger Aaron for flying in from San Fran and Pingers Katherine and Chris from North Carolina.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Monday September 3, 2001 -- 11:57:24PM
Man, when I saw the title I thought it would be something about HP buying Compaq. :-)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 2:24:34AM
I thought it would be a ping about Patrick Duffy

DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 9:17:10AM
I can see the world reflected in Ryan's glasses. It's all a lie.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 10:20:56AM
Seeing it in person was one thing, but this has stopped my heart.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 1:44:50PM
No, not the end, a new beginning.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 2:12:29PM
You guys make a nice couple. Maybe you should marry each other next time. :-)

FROM: Tina
DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 2:32:03PM

Jeez! Who DIDN'T get married this weekend?! I think I saw about 10 bridal parties in my town over the past 3 days...

Congrats on your first Ping Summit, and here's hoping there will be lots more in the future!

Oh, and congrats on that wedding thing, too, Ryan...many happy returns. :)

DATE: Tuesday September 4, 2001 -- 6:42:56PM
I think one of the things that made the wedding so fun was the mix of people present. I met a lot of Mary Washingtonites that I had never gotten to know, along with a slew of others. I especially enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Ryder, Rob T., Corey, Kristy, and Paul (I was one of your table mates). There are others, but I'm bad with names! Ryan and Huyen, can you have another wedding so we can all hang out again?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:37:05 pm

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