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September 3rd, 2001

What Makes Weddings Rule

  1. Bringing together groups of people that you’d never have together in one place again is very surreal.
  2. Months (years) of planning coming together in a nearly flawless fashion.
  3. Peoples’ presence (even more than their presents).
  4. Feeling like some sort of star with paparazzi following you around.
  5. Seeing people try to hide their yawns at a long ceremony by holding their programs in front of their face is just funny (yes, we saw you!)
  6. Impromptu eye contact with your bride-to-be at the ceremony to say, “Hey, we’re almost married!”
  7. A good DJ can really bring the house down.
  8. Watching Rob Martin sweat like a pig.
  9. Having guests that breakdance (even if they request Backstreet Boys).
  10. Good eats.
  11. Having Half Pint sing for your first dance.
  12. Getting married to the young lady you’ve dated for seven years is incredible.

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