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November 18th, 2001

Meteor Shower

It’s not every day that one gets to see a meteor shower up close, but the Leonid Meteor Shower promises to be a big one. Of course, if you live near a city, chances aren’t so hot that you’ll be able to see it.

Have you ever seen a meteor shower in all its splendor? Or, for that matter, Halley’s Comet back in ’86? -pm

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Sunday November 18, 2001 -- 2:56:02PM
that meteor shower rocked although there werent any souveniers

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday November 18, 2001 -- 4:09:18PM
I saw a few stray shots from it last night when I was driving back from the hills of Virginia. For a split second, I feared DC was under missle attack.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday November 18, 2001 -- 5:11:49PM
We went out at 5am looking, but it was too foggy to be able to see anything... oh well...

DATE: Sunday November 18, 2001 -- 6:50:57PM
We saw quite a few out in Ohio this morning. There was a bit of fog in one direction that started creeping in later, but we got to see a lot of good ones for a while. Not as many as we'd hoped but certainly a lot more than I've ever seen.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Sunday November 18, 2001 -- 8:59:58PM
I got up at 5 Am but the fog was so thick that I could barely see the streetlights, let alone the sky...

Oh well, I saw that big fireball a few months ago so I guess I'm at my celestial wonder quota for the year..

FROM: Jim Harris
DATE: Monday November 19, 2001 -- 7:55:50PM
I was camping on Mount Lemmon near Tucson, AZ on Saturday night - we got up around 3am (I think the peak was between 3 and 4am MST) to check out the meteor shower. I'm glad I did - we were away from the city and it was a perfectly clear night so we had a great view. Some of the meteors left a streak in the sky that lasted 15-20 seconds.

The weirdest thing was that the meteor shower isn't what I'll remember most about that trip. Some guy was driving too fast up the mountain while we were there and drove his truck off of the cliff. He flipped sideways 2 or 3 times (by his estimation), fell about 20-25 feet and landed upside down. The guy walked away from it with only a few scratches. It obviously wasn't the first time this happened though - the tow truck came back at 10 that night and was remarkably skilled at pulling totaled pickup trucks out of 25 foot deep ditches while sitting on a dirt road no more than 10 feet across.

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