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October 22nd, 2009

The Worst Super Mario Levels

Having spent too many hours playing the multitude of Super Mario games, I am now able to publicly declare my hatred for some types of levels. It was a tough call to be sure.

My second least-favorite levels are auto-scrollers. You know the ones, right? Where you can’t ever go back and you can lose a life simply for being too far left on the screen at a bad time? Those ones. Let me explore and do my thing. If I want to go backwards, let me go backwards.

But I’d take a game full of auto-scrollers if I didn’t have to play another underwater level ever again. They’re easily my least favorite. Is there any point to them? Mario moves slowly because swimming isn’t his forte. Precise movements aren’t going to happen. And no oxygen tank? Come now.

I’d hate to see a game with an auto-scrolling underwater level. That would be unfortunate.

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