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December 26th, 2001

Yum, Appetizing!

One of the more overlooked courses of the meal, in my mind, is the appetizer. The problem is that it can really be fantastic – just think of it. Nachos! More nachos! Or chips and salsa!

What do you think is the best appetizer out there? I think I’ve made my thoughts known – a good serving of nachos is a great way to start a meal. But I will say that potato skins are worthy as well.

Do you like an appetizer and, if so, which ones? -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday December 26, 2001 -- 12:21:44AM
I love nachos, but I prefer them either from 7-11 late at night or at the movies. I can't really get too much into appetizers. It just seems like any possible appetizers are the complete opposite of the healty meal I am trying to consume. The all tend to be fried, loaded with fat, or not meal-worthy.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday December 26, 2001 -- 10:31:51PM
I don't usually get an appetizer, but the rare times I do, mozzarella sticks will do the trick. My heart rate cuts in half after eating them.

DATE: Wednesday December 26, 2001 -- 10:38:07PM
One of my recent favorites is something called Madison County Caviar at Doc Harry's in Centreville. It's not really caviar, but it's extremely yummy. Not for you veggie boys, I'm afraid.

I still love cheese fries from Outback, though. And lots of other bad for me things. Yum. Slow death...

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday December 27, 2001 -- 11:15:15AM
My money is on the spanakopita, a Greek appetizer that looks like a pirogie, but is actually very crisp phyllo pastry filled with spinach and a variety of cheeses. I could eat a hundred of them and skip the meal alltogether. In fact I am having some tonight at a place that includes them in one of their "tappas". They only give you one on the platter, and I always swipe it before anyone even realizes it's there! Mmmm. You can also buy them frozen in international grocery stores (ie. not Giant!).

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