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February 25th, 2002

The True Power of the Web

One page buried deep in my personal site has single-handedly shown the power of the web over the past year.

That particular page is nothing more than a link to some of my video collection. At the bottom of the page is my want list, with a few super-obscure films that I haven’t been able to hunt down, like Batman Fights Dracula and Shaolin Drunkard. But just by this page’s very existence, I’ve scored big time. Three different movies that were listed on this page are now in my possession, thanks to the films’ obscurity and Google.

Various collectors have come across the page by searching for the movies on my want list. By doing no more than posting what I want, people have contacted me with offers ranging from, “I’ll trade you a dub of Witch With Flying Head for a dub of Mystics in Bali” to “I’ll sell you a copy of Three Dev Adam for $50″ (he agreed, instead, to a trade) to the most recent, “I didn’t like it, so I’m going to send you my copy of Blood Freak.”

This folks, is the power of the web: let the sleazy movies come to you.

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