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March 19th, 2002

A Stressful Way to Start the Day

Like most people, I like my morning to not be rushed or stressful. I like to start it quietly and slowly, allowing me to prepare for the day ahead.

Today, unfortunately, wasn’t one of those days.

I woke up to the sound of a bird in our attic. It had flown in through the vent on the outside of our house and was trying desperately to get out (which is impossible). In order to make sure that it was actually inside our attic, I went to the garage to get the ladder and take a peek for myself. Unfortunately, in my rush, I set off our alarm system.

Though I entered my code and shut the alarm system down within a couple of seconds, apparently it wasn’t fast enough. The police called me to see if everything was OK, I told them it was a false alarm and they said I better call ADT to let them know or else I’d have an officer on my doorstep soon to check in. I called ADT, but again — apparently not fast enough. Shortly after, as I’m trying to set the ladder up, the doorbell rings and it’s one of the local men in blue.

Now, I’m going to be working late since I’m waiting for the pest control guy to come and get the bird out of our attic, hopefully alive.

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