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March 21st, 2002

100 Words, 25 TV Show Reviews

Here’s a cross between Paul’s 60 Words, 60 Movie Reviews Ping and ADDreviews… 25 TV show reviews, each with exactly 4 words.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe: Funny, but too tangential.
The Bernie Mac Show: Underrated. Mighty well written.
Family Guy: Just tried too hard.
Fear Factor: Vegetarian version: tofu worms.
Felicity: Has lost its touch.
Freaks and Geeks: Got screwed by NBC.
Futurama: Cancelled? Damn you, FOX!
Judge Judy: Angry judges kick ass.
Justice League: I like animation again!
Just Shoot Me: This show’s still on?
King of Queens: A surprisingly funny sleeper.
King of the Hill: Big Foot Peggy teacher.
Saturday Nighty Live: Back on track again.
Simpsons: Disjointed; still damn funny.
Six Feet Under: Dark comedy with heart.
Smallville: Engrossing “pretty people” adaptation.
Survivor: A trend long passed.
That ’70s Show: Soon: jumping the shark
That ’80s Show: Absolutely, totally, completely unfunny.
Titus: Never once funny. Never.
24: Fast paced, heart pounding.
Undeclared: Getting screwed by Fox.
Undeclared (alternate): Apatow does no wrong.
Weakest Link: Catchphrases don’t make shows.
What’s Happening?!!: Please: bring back reruns!

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FROM: Jackie
DATE: Thursday March 21, 2002 -- 9:59:14 am
I'm in agreement with almost everything you said. Felicity-- loved it first season, hated it after that. FOX programming is hit or miss. I'm still addicted to NBC"s "Must See TV."

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 21, 2002 -- 12:19:02 pm
You missed one:

Ed: Carol Vessey is hot

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 21, 2002 -- 2:39:25 pm
Impressive, Young Pingwalker.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 21, 2002 -- 3:45:34 pm
I just realized how funny it was that I suggested that they "bring back reruns" for WHAT'S HAPPENING?!! A good choice of words, I might say.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday March 22, 2002 -- 2:02:43 pm
They canceled Futurama? What the hell?! This is more proof there is no god.

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