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March 23rd, 2002


I rarely use the bookmarks function of any browser (though I like Opera’s “nickname” function and do make use of that frequently). I prefer to have a separate web page with new-window links to my favorite sites. I maintained one by hand for a number of years, but decided to venture onto the web and see if any free ones existed that matched my needs (flexibility) and wants (no obnoxious ads). I found one: myHq.

myHq is a free service that allows you to store any number of bookmarks and organize them into columns and boxes within those columns, representing categories. It’s actually very similar to the layout of the page I maintained by hand before, which is nice. There are ads, but they’re text ads and they’re at the bottom of the page, so they’re not obtrusive.

Though more and more web services are giving up the free model, it’s fortunate to see that some useful little apps are sticking around.

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FROM: ernie
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 6:50:13 am
Funny you should mention it.

Just looking at treferences to my pages . One of my pages that goes along with a conference presentation I gave about a year ago was listed in the google search
and this page is listed right before mine!

So, which firm do you use for search engine placement? It must cost you a fortune.


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday May 6, 2002 -- 9:10:28 am
That's quite a coincidence, Ernie. :)

(For those that don't know, Ernie was one of my comp sci professors in college.)

J. Mannion November 1, 2006, 12:59 pm

MyHq reminds me of DOS.

The little program is absolutely great! It is swift, accurate and just fine for my needs. I ran it side by side with three other bookmark programs and did so for the better part of three months before settling on MyHq.

I tweaked the colors a little using Absolute Color Picker and after a few changes I now have a nice looking interface. Best part is, it lacks all the birds, bells and whistles which seem to accompany most programs. I figure the closer I can get the computer to work like a typewriter, all the better. My life is filled with enough distractions.

I keep my bookmarks private. I don’t want people to know just how dull and boring I am.

It is difficult to tell another person what to do, but MyHq is a good choice.

Jonas Mannion

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