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April 25th, 2002

Herbs and Spices

A meal ain’t a meal if it doesn’t have some good herbs and spices, that’s what I say. I’m a big fan of the basic herbs (basil, parsley, chives, etc.) but I also enjoy making use of various blends like curry or garam masala and more rare herbs like fennel or sumac (the latter of which it’s hard to find recipes for).

I love steaming vegetables and seasoning them lightly, but I really love making soups and stews with lots of herbs, experimenting, trying to find just the right combination. After all, cooking is alchemy, not a science.

What are your favorite herbs and spices to cook with?

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FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 10:30:26 am
I like Herb Alpert....a lot.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 11:17:40 am
Surprisingly, pepper.

I'm not a big fan of pepper, frankly, on its own. But when added to an existing item it seems to take on a life of its own.

I also like garlic powder. I occasionally throw a pinch into scrambled eggs - yum!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 11:25:52 am
Do you prefer freshly ground, Paul?

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 12:33:55 pm
When possible, yep.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 1:03:28 pm
I tend to enjoy seasoning things with onion salt and paprika. Especially meats. It's fun!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 2:13:12 pm
Especially what, Rob? Meats? What are those?

Tina -- I meant to give you one of these after your comment: groannnnnnn...

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 25, 2002 -- 3:19:31 pm
"I need some herbs and spices so I can feel nice as the breeze . . ." -- Vanilla Ice "Roll 'em Up"

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday April 26, 2002 -- 8:55:21 am
Sorry, Ryan, I just couldn't help myself. *grin*

I (heart) garlic salt.

FROM: cooking
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 1:39:41 am
centeral market

FROM: Big Fat Lizard
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 6:23:18 am
Now they have to be "spice classics" brand...season any meat with the following for a nice taste!!! - Garlic POWDER(quite a bit), Onion Salt(depending on how much you like salt), and a little Lemon Pepper(gives a "fresh flavor!!!"'ll love it!!!

FROM: Rocketman
DATE: Tuesday February 17, 2004 -- 8:47:23 am
Big Fat Lizard, you spoke of spice classics brand seasonings. A restaurant I frequent has Spice Classics Ground Pepper. It's powerful, best perrer I've ever had. Can only find it one place on WWW and they have a 3 case min order with very high shipping. Really don't want to pay $150 for pepper. Know where I can buy it?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 17, 2004 -- 9:13:13 am
For me, I love Oregano. Especially on my Pizzas and Pasta. Just seems to bring out the best, especially with Thin Crust pizza...yum!

I agree with Paul, too. Freshly ground pepper is fantastic. Regular pepper is just "eh".

FROM: Alex
DATE: Tuesday February 17, 2004 -- 2:50:19 pm
I like rosemary and thyme when cooking (or marinating) meats. Basil and oregano for pastas. Everyday seasonings are good ole salt and pepper (also prefer freshly ground).

FROM: John FAuke
DATE: Thursday September 8, 2005 -- 7:59:53 pm
I am also looking for Spice Classics brand Ground Red Pepper in the St. Louis Area, but the last store I knew which carried it, Drug Emporium, recently closed their stores, could any readers help me?

FROM: Mary Christman
DATE: Saturday September 17, 2005 -- 3:05:22 pm
Please let me know where I can find spice classics herbs. I use to get it at pick-n-save in Kenosha,Wi. but they don't carry it anymore. I'm looking for ground mustard.

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