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June 23rd, 2002


I can’t decide whether it’s yet another sign of our society going down the crapper or harmless fun like Cops… what am I talking about? Cheaters.

On Cheaters, one member of a couple hires a team of investigators to investigate his/her partner. The staff of the show gladly complies and then sets up a confrontation, where the cheated-on gets to come face-to-face with their significant other and the “other” man/woman. One of the cases tonight, the woman found out that not only was her boyfriend cheating on her, but that he was actually gay. In this particular case, I was actually cheering for the guy, because even though he had cheated on the girl, she felt it necessary to call him a “pole smoker” on camera in the middle of a mostly gay neighborhood. I can understand being angry, but damn — that’s uncalled for!

My favorite part of the show is definitely the confrontation — the “oh shit” moment when the cheater realizes that all those cameras are for him/her and that they have nowhere to go.

To add to the fun, the host takes it upon himself to chastise the cheaters (and to be there as a intermediary to avoid any physical violence). It’s like Jerry Springer, but real!

I doubt I’ll make it a point to spend my Saturday nights watching it on a regular basis, but it caught my eye for a few minutes flipping by tonight. I fell victim to garbage television for a minute, I admit it.

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Sergeant Rom May 26, 2007, 1:26 am

I LOVE CHEATERS.COM especially Joey Greco!! I dedicated a whole website to it. Reality TV is here to stay whether we like it or not.

limey November 27, 2007, 11:24 am

Loved the well practiced double summmersault that Joey did off the side of the boat into the water

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