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June 28th, 2002

Not So Uncensored

This month on Trio, a rather decent network, has been “Uncensored” Month. The channel has been showing a number of controversial movies, and specials regarding things such as pornography and censored TV moments.

The shows have been good, especially The History of Pornography (seriously). The downside, though, is that while Trio is definitely calling this month Uncensored Month, all of these shows are… censored!

On the website, Michelangelo’s David stands naked for all to see. But on TV, his genitalia are covered by a Trio logo. Large segments of the porn special were pixelated, thus making it a lot more difficult to understand the works of art (and porn) in question. And, although I didn’t see it, nipples were all covered in an airing of The Last Temptation of Christ, a rather controversial film!

I know, it’s just pointing out the limitations of TV. But I find it almost too ironic that a channel trumpeting the idea of airing uncensored shows can’t do it.

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 12:11:47 am
That sounds genuinely interesting. It's a shame some puritan is at the controls.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 8:15:08 am
I watched one of the history of porn segments - I think its the first one as it was about how pervasive porn was in the Roman culture, and how a lot of the art is still hidden away in secret back rooms in European musuems.

I think Trio is a Canadian channel, not sure if that explains the censoring of uncensored month or not.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 12:44:48 pm
I think they have a good idea, in uncensored month, but they are going about it all wrong. Origonally, censor was a word that had to do with contravercial things, not editing sex out of movies. Nowadays, censored, like serority and incest, has become a word used more in porn then anything else. I think there is a good reason to have some things censored, namely that there could be kids watching. And while I don't have anything against kids seeing a naked human body, 2 naked human bodies having sex is usually a little over the top. Especially since porn isn't the cleanest sex, usually. Can't give the little kids bad ideas. Blurring out the last temptation of christ is a little much though. I can only say that there are people who would sue the broadcasting company if thier children saw porn on regular tv. And the tv companies do not want that. If you really want porn, get pay per view. Or just watch Junk yard wars, like the rest of us.

FROM: jason lester
DATE: Tuesday November 5, 2002 -- 10:02:37 pm
uncensored supposed to mean uncensored not censored every show
trio shows on uncensored month are
censored come on now what is with that

FROM: MisterOnicient
DATE: Wednesday November 6, 2002 -- 12:27:32 am
Hey, King Random, what the hell is "serority"?

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