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July 30th, 2002

Dr. Soy

As a rule, I haven’t been entirely fascinated by the bar phenomenon. Bar foods seemed a bit faddish to me, along with things such as blue french fries and Oreos with odd filling. I’d had the tasty Odwalla Bar in the past, and did enjoy its various varieties, but the slightly high cost was offputting.

But on a fairly recent trip to Whole Foods, I decided to give another, cheaper bar a try. That bar was Dr. Soy, and I’m very pleased to report that it’s a tasty bar. It has a good (but not wacky) amount of protein, and is nutritionally sound. I wouldn’t start eating a bar as a meal replacement, but as a snack it’s probably the best way to go.

Do you enjoy food in bar form? And have you tried the good Dr.’s bar?

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