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July 30th, 2002

Dr. Soy

As a rule, I haven’t been entirely fascinated by the bar phenomenon. Bar foods seemed a bit faddish to me, along with things such as blue french fries and Oreos with odd filling. I’d had the tasty Odwalla Bar in the past, and did enjoy its various varieties, but the slightly high cost was offputting.

But on a fairly recent trip to Whole Foods, I decided to give another, cheaper bar a try. That bar was Dr. Soy, and I’m very pleased to report that it’s a tasty bar. It has a good (but not wacky) amount of protein, and is nutritionally sound. I wouldn’t start eating a bar as a meal replacement, but as a snack it’s probably the best way to go.

Do you enjoy food in bar form? And have you tried the good Dr.’s bar?

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 10:49:32 am
Every so often I get a on a cereal bar kick (Health Valley makes some killer Blueberry bars), but I haven't tried Dr. Soy. I'd be curious if their Rocky Road bars contain gelatin...

FROM: Anthony Liguori
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 11:12:23 am
I like Cliff Bars (the Cookies 'n Cream variety) and eat one daily as an afternoon snack or when I start to feel cranky toward other humans. I like to pay $.99 each but sometimes, when my source dries up, I pay as much as $1.77 in the specialty sports shops. If you want to order direct from Cliff Bar, the price will be about $1.35 each. Odwalla Bars are great too, but they worry me. The bar is green on one side and brown on the other. At least, I hope that's been everyone's experience.

FROM: Carolina Andino
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 11:24:25 am
I have tried to bars too, but I don’t understand why people need to have them; I have a feeling it only makes you gain pounds after all, more food is more food. If an individual has breakfast, lunch and dinner, I don’t see the need for a snack in between, and if the individual is trying to replace a meal with a bar; I call that bad nutrition. No offence, but I often see people who snack in between meals to be heavier than people who do not. If you are and individual with a difficult schedule then, I say use the bars, but do not let it become a habit.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 12:27:16 pm
Carolina, man, you're playing fast and loose with stereotypes there. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with feeding one's body when it's hungry; for some people, this naturally occurs more often than others. No need to go without.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 12:31:27 pm
They have to drag me out of the bar every night at 2am.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 12:32:50 pm
Looks like the Ping in on a "Dr." kick.

Quaker chocolate chip granola bars are my personal favorite. Not all that bad for you either especially considering they have chocolate chips in them.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 1:38:58 pm
Carolina -- Actually, it's healthier to eat a number of smaller meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. Your body handles the food better and your metabolism increases.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday July 31, 2002 -- 12:43:48 am
I'm a big granola bar consumer, but other than that no.

FROM: me
DATE: Saturday August 3, 2002 -- 3:03:22 am
this really doesnt have much to do with the bars such as the blue french fries that u mentioned. i was at the store the other day buying my Vegan food (mmm 'chik'n nuggets are an awesome kick to real chicken!) well, right next to the vegan section are the french fries.. thats when i noticed the most disturbing thing in the world.. chocolate krispy french fries, or something along those lines. now not only are 5 yr olds (and certainly some adults that just Act like 5 yr olds) being loaded up on french fries, but now they are chocolate coated.. (the french fries, not the 5 yr olds..) gosh, what next?

DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 2:45:15 pm

FROM: Karen
DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 2:50:40 pm
I'm eatin a Dr. Soy for the first time, and I agree. They are very good!

To Carolina.... I'm hypoglycemic, which means my blood sugar will drop between meals, and I get shaky, light-headed, can't concentrate, and sometimes get a bad stomach ache or headache. I have to eat a snack between meals to avoid these symptoms. I am always looking for high protein, low sugar, healthy things I can eat as snacks. I'm sorry, but your comments are very arrogant and ignorant. Just because your body doesn't need a snack doesn't mean you can judge everyone who eats them. I'm 5'8", a size 6... I don't think that's overweight, and I eat a snack everyday. Time for a new theory dearie.

FROM: teeinep
DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 5:57:10 pm
To Karen...Your hypoglycemic?

Your "dearie" thing makes you sound hypoarrogant.

FROM: teeinep
DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 6:03:16 pm
...and if you tell me
it should be hyper-arrogant, then that just proves my point.

FROM: Karen
DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 6:23:31 pm
To teeinep: probably true. just a phrase I say a lot without thinking (dearie). was just frustrated with the comments. ... but seriously, these bars ARE good.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 13, 2002 -- 12:13:44 am
Karen -- Don't take comments by people like Carolina seriously... they're what we call trolls.

Trolls don't like Dr. Soy.

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