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September 16th, 2002

I always meant to listen to…

I’ve got to say that I love the music. Music is wonderful. Music is amazing. Music is wallpaper, and it’s also thought-provoking.

In any case, I’ve been made aware of a lot of different styles and artists through normal, everyday activities. Walking down the street, I may hear something blasting out of a small gym shoe store. Sitting in my house, I may hear something blasting out of a small gym shoe-like automobile. Friends may offer referrals, and the Internet may do the same.

One thing I tend to regret, though, is when I know there’s a band or artist I’ve always meant to listen to, but never have. The big one for me is Sleater-Kinney. Wilco was high on the list as well, but the release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot took care of that for me – and I consider myself a fan.

What about you?

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