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November 16th, 2002

Changing a Password with VeriSign

I still have two domains with VeriSign. I’m trying to get out (believe me), but here is the process for simply trying to update my contact information (which is now nearly 5 years old):

  1. Contact VeriSign via phone; email support for this is not provided.
  2. Talk with a person who confirms that, yes, she can send me a password change request form – but only to the email address on record, which is 5 years old.
  3. Ask her for the special “login numbers” for the domains. Receive those numbers.
  4. Since the domain registrations were done before they asked for a security question, I can’t do this over the phone.
  5. Wait for an email with a checklist (!) of items VeriSign needs in order to make this change.
  6. Fax a completed form to them (yes, fax) with a copy of my driver’s license (!) and an official request for a new password.
  7. Once I receive a confirmation, log in with the new temporary password.
  8. Change the password.
  9. Update the contact information.
  10. Wait up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.
  11. Get the hell out.

Amazing. I will admit that I was remiss in not updating my contact information. One of the things that gets me, though, is that VeriSign allows one to renew a domain without updating said information – I could have easily renewed both of these names, no sweat.

I really dislike them. A lot.

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