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December 13th, 2002

The Idiocy Continues

Way way back in history, I shared with you some of the many e-mails that I’ve received about my fake diet page which has been online in the same format since 1997. Today, I have some new idiocy to share with you… the type of stuff that makes you say, “Damn… these are actual human beings that live on the planet earth. How do they get by in their daily lives without hurting themselves with sharp objects?”

On the about page of my personal site, I have the typical “about me” nonsense that’s practically required for any personal site. But, at the bottom, I have an “ask me anything” form to allow people to ask me personal questions that I haven’t covered on the page or elsewhere on the site. I’ve gotten some really good questions (all of which are included), but the majority that I get have nothing to do with me. Somehow, people stumble on my about page, see the form and think that somehow I’m offering free research assistance or advice. I can sort of understand someone mistaking it as a general contact link (even though my contact info is linked on every page), but check out some of the questions I’ve received, most of which have been removed from the page because of their sheer stupidity:

Anonymous asked: “who invented carnival picture cut out ,you put your head in.”

Anonymous asked: “where is tektronics been lately? u-no?”

Anonymous asked: “what causes anorexia”

lee asked: “can u catch anorexia”

Anonymous asked: “mesopotamian number system”

Anonymous asked: “what is duratuss am pm?”

larry williamson asked: “clogged toliet- top of vegy can lid fell into toliet , cannot remove lid.”

The first, fourth, and final ones absolutely blow my mind. These questions are asked by people that actually live amongst us.

One thing I’ve learned from my years on the web: never underestimate the power of stupidity (or a low IQ).

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